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Amber Teething Necklaces

I’m sure that if you are into the natural parenting styles you know what an amber necklace is and what it is used for. Some people prefer not to use amber necklaces and turn to some of Seersucker Sassy Boutique wares instead because they look great instead of helping their children teeth. Honestly, this was one of the first things I saw but wasn’t so sure about. A necklace on a baby/toddler?? And how in the world does it help with teething?? Baltic amber teething necklaces are made to be worn on the skin of teething babies to ease discomfort and pain accompanied with teething. It releases natural, healing oils to help the child stay calm and reduces common symptoms with teething such as swollen gums, rashes, fevers, and inflammation. Although I would recommend you to visit a dentist if your child is suffering a lot whilst teething. My friend took their child to a dentists in Fredericksburg VA to have their child’s teeth looked at whilst they were teething and it really helped. However, this was worse case scenario, so don’t worry too much!

amber teething necklace 1

When I told my husband about the necklace, he compared it to a weight loss bracelet; fake, all in your head, not worth the money, etc. Then we experienced some horrible nights with Bai while teeth were trying to break through her poor gums. Now, at 16 months old, she only has 6 teeth. I’m afraid that all of her teeth will come at once and we’ll experience the wrath of Bai. No thank you!! She had all the classic symptoms: whining, chewing, drooling, but it did not stop there. There was crying and screaming and more crying, a low grade fever, and little to no sleep for me for 4 nights in a row. Now, we are trying an amber teething necklace!

Amber Teething Necklace 2

We put it on her around the neck Friday afternoon and she just wanted to put it in her mouth. We decided to just wrap it around her ankle instead, and so far, she doesn’t mess with it. I’m really hoping that it works, but we won’t really know until she starts getting some teeth! But boy, am I praying that it works!!! When purchasing an amber teething necklace, make sure that the string is knotted between each bead. This helps prevent choking should the necklace break- only one bead would fall off. Also, make sure that you are buying a real baltic amber necklace as there are fakes circling around. Always supervise your child while they are wearing one or put it around their ankle under clothes at night/naptime. Do not allow the necklace in your child’s mouth- amber can crack under pressure. I will do an update on how well this necklace has worked for us once Bai gets some more teeth and it can be “tested.” Just remember, if your child is really struggling with teething problems, make sure you visit a dentist, similar to dentist Milltown, to have their teeth checked out. If you’ve used an amber teething necklace, please write a comment below and tell me about your experience!!

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