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It Feels Like Fall!

I have a pumpkin candle burning as I’m writing and it certainly feels like fall in Ohio! I feel like October is such a busy month for us as we try to fill in as many fall activities as we can! We make an effort to go to the pumpkin patch, boo at the zoo, and trick-or-treating! This year, I want to go apple picking and make my own applesauce! (We’ll see if I can actually fit that into our schedule… And convince hubby to go!) But along with all of these, we have a wedding to go to and a birthday party to also attend. There’s only so many weekends in October and some activities are only on certain days! As much as I love fall, I have a tiny bit of hate for it as well. This year, my daughter will be three. THREE! She’s becoming more independent each day and I just hate that she’s not a little baby anymore. Here are a few pictures of her first pumpkin patch experience right before she turned one:

pumpkin patch 11 pumpkin patch 2011

Goodness. And then here’s a few pictures of Baileigh’s first pumpkin patch experience at about 5 months old (yes, in an infantino crotch dangler carrier… hey, at least I leanred better. Better late than never, right?!?) and Aubrey’s second year, just before turning two:

pp 12 pp 2012 pumpkin patch 2012

What does your family do for fun activities in the fall? I think my favorite that we do is boo at the zoo. The kids dress up in their costumes and we go to our local zoo to see the animals and “trick-or-treat” at different tables set up all over the zoo. The tables are local businesses that have candy for kids and coupons/advertisements for parents. They also give some of the animals pumpkins for a “pumpkin smash.” They have a schedule for what time the animals receive their pumpkins. We usually forget about that but see the pumpkins in their exhibits afterwards. The bears really like to smash their pumpkins!!

We’ve already got out Halloween costumes ready to go! Aubrey wanted to be Cinderella this year (and her birthday theme will be Cinderella as well, so I feel like her costume will get a lot of wear this season!!) and Baileigh is going to be an owl. I made Aubrey’s costumes with some tulle, ribbon, an 8 inch crocheted headband, and a jewel. This was my first time actually making a tutu, or anything for that matter, and I’m so happy with how it turned out!! I had bought one of those owl knit hats last winter and I loved how Baileigh looked in it. Adorable!! I saw that people were using those hats paired with a tutu and ruffled leggings to make an owl costume. I totally took that idea and went with it. I had a tutu that matched her hat already from Aubrey’s first birthday and I bought some ruffled leggings. She looks so cute in her costume! (I’ll add pictures of them later this month!)

Aubrey’s birthday is in November. I’m such a planner that I start figuring out a theme and what I want months in advance. I think I asked Aubrey what she wanted her theme to be back in August! I am full on planning her party and trying to make it as great as I can this year. She doesn’t attend daycare since I stay home and not many of my friends have kids, so there won’t be many children at her party. But we still have fun with a theme and I’ll making a castle cake (hopefully!) and she’ll be dressed up with her birthday shirt and Cinderella tutu. (more to come on party planning!!)

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