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Cloth Wipes

Like a lot of moms, when I decided to start cloth diapering, I decided to use cloth wipes as well. I got online, looked up which were best and what was going to be affordable for my family. All those name brands wipes were not going to work. I got on Etsy and found some that looked cute and that had the kind of price tag that I needed. I bought 60 cloth wipes for under $25.

wipes 4

I fold them up and put them in an old wipes container. I fold them in a way that they “pop” up like disposable wipes do. 🙂 (if there’s interest, I’ll make a video on how to do that!)

wipes wipes 3

To wet them, I keep a small spray bottle full of a solution and I spray them on the wipes before use.

wipes 2

I tried to keep my wipes wet so they would always be wet when I needed them, but we dealt with a smell problem after a day or two even after trying multiple solutions. This seems to work for us pretty well. My husband doesn’t like to use them so unless I actually hand them to him, he uses a disposable wipe. I’m not a huge fan of using them with poopy diapers but I will occasionally. (It literally just depends on how mushy or solid it is.) The thing I like about using them: I can treat them like a disposable in the sense of just throwing them in the dirty diaper and then throwing them in the pail.

My Solution:

1 1/2 cups warm water

2 drops of tea tree and lavender oil

a squeeze of aloe vera gel (about the size of a nickel)

There are many different solutions you can use and that you can buy. If making a solution isn’t for you, go to Nurtured Family! They have a large selection of cloth wipes, wipe warmers, wipe solutions, and other accessories to make cloth diapering even easier!! 🙂 Click the image below to go straight to their website!

Nurtured Family

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