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International Babywearing Week!

Well, we’re in the middle of International Babywearing Week!! 🙂 To celebrate, I did my very first back carry in public on Sunday!! I’ve also been working hard to break in my fabric for my no sew ring sling.

back carry 2 back carry

The picture on the left is my first successful back carry while making dinner and getting things done around the house with a cranky baby. And the picture on the right is my first public back carry when we went our local children’s science museum. (Cosi)

For those that may not be familiar with baby-wearing, it is simply holding (or wearing) your baby with a carrier. There are many types: slings, mei-tais, ring slings, wraps, soft-structured carriers. Most carriers can be used from birth until their parent is ready to stop. I can still wear my almost 3 year old! And many parents can continue wearing until after age 4! Benefits of babywearing include (but are not limited to!): happy babies, happy mamas, confident parents, healthy babies, convenience, and bonding. Since discovering baby-wearing, my house is cleaner, my baby cries less, and I have such a different bond with Bai than I had with Aubrey.

I have had people stop me at the grocery store and comment on how neat my wrap is or how comfy and happy Baileigh looks. There’s just something about having your baby close when you do just ordinary, daily, activities. Doing the dishes isn’t as time consuming and vacuuming is a lot easier when you have a scared baby on you rather than a scared baby sitting on the couch screaming at you. However I have had some friends say they can’t get on with these simple tasks with a baby, one friend especially said vacuuming was terrifying for her baby because of the loud noise the vacuum was creating, so she started looking at silent vacuums over on sites like AllGreatVacuums and others to find a product that she was able to use while her baby was in the house! Having to leave cleaning while the baby is out would leave a very messy house indeed!

babywearing stash

Here is my current stash. Its small, but it works for now until we can build it up!

Seven Sling, Wrap Nap Fairy 100% linen size 4 wrap, and a linen/cotton blend no sew ring sling with silver rings from sling rings.

Nurtured Family - Good for Mama, Good for Baby, Good for Nature

Free Baby Slings (a $ 40.00 Value) at SevenSlings.com, use Promotion Code 62d297 TODAY!

If you’re interested in purchasing a baby carrier, click on one of the two pictures above. Free Seven Sling- just pay shipping!! Or go to Nurtured Family for a large selection to choose from: Ring Slings, Wraps, Soft-Structured Carriers, Pouch Slings, Mei Tais, Etc.

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