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Family Fall Days 2013

The past two weekends have been full of fall fun! Last weekend, we went to a fruit farm that was complete with apple trees, a large pumpkin patch, a market, and fun things for the kids to do! The first thing we did was walk around in the market. I was so surprised at how good the produce looked and it was CHEAP! We had plenty of things planned for the day so we did not buy anything, but we will keep that in mind for next year in case our garden doesn’t do as well as we hope. Outside of the market, they had a measuring stick for the kids to stand next to so you can see how much they grow over the years. Here’s our pictures:

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After the market, we went and did the forever long corn maze. I wrapped Baileigh up in the wrap because she was getting cranky and tired and I really did not want to physically carry her throughout the maze. Luckily, my husband can read a map and could tell where we were in the maze at all times. Thank God!!! I was not a big fan of the maze at all. There was an activity to do, like a scavengerhunt, to complete and then you could get your team name announced over the intercom and get a piece of candy. We found one of six before we were done with the maze. I think we were just tired of looking at corn! Baileigh also fell asleep for a good 45 minutes. I love when the sleepy dust settles in and the cranky baby can just nap while out and about!!


After the forever long corn maze, Aubrey got to jump in her first bouncey house! She only lasted about 10 minutes before deciding she was done. She laughed and jumped and had a lot of fun!! They also had a little barrel train hooked up to a riding lawn mower. She got to enjoy that as a big girl and it was a long ride! I swear it lasted at least 10 to 15 minutes!! She was sad when she had to get off, but once we reminded her that we were going to go find pumpkins and pick apples, she was happy and ready to move onto the next thing!!

4 9 10

We found 4 really good pumpkins! Tonight, we are planning on carving them and making roasted pumpkin seeds! Hopefully, they turn out okay!

(Both the carvings and the pumpkin seeds!)

I’ll have pictures and the recipe up (if its good!) later this week along with the kids’ trick-or-treating pictures!!

The last thing we did was pick apples. This was the first time that I can remember picking apples, although I went as a child but can’t remember. I was really excited and had spent hours looking up what I could make with the fresh apples and how to freeze them. We got a 10 lb bag of apples plus two. the kids would steal one out of the bag occasionally and share them. These apples were so juicy, crisp, and just overall delicious!!

3 5 7 8

We really enjoyed picking apples! I made a fresh apple pie, homemade applesauce, and used some of the juices in a crockpot to cook a pork loin. We also had a lot of apples to eat throughout the week!! We’ve already decided that next year, we’re getting a 20 lb. bag instead of the 10 lb. bag!

This weekend, we went to our local zoo for an annual event: Boo at the Zoo! All the kids dress up in their costumes and local businesses are set up around the zoo to hand out candy for the kids and flyers/coupons for the parents. We try to go every year as part of our fall activities. We didn’t get to go last year because it was raining, but this year the clouds stayed away! It was a little chilly so we all bundled up. The girls had on a long sleeved shirt, a sweat shirt, and a zip up sweatshirt plus their boots. In Ohio, its cold for Halloween every year, so we have to plan for layers under costumes or as apart of their costumes. I think we did okay this year!!

1 2

Aubrey is dressed up as Cinderella and Baileigh is an owl. We met my brother-in-law and sister-in-law at the zoo with my nephew. He was batman!! The kids all had a good time and were asleep before we hit the freeway! After the zoo, we used our free kids meal coupons at Bob Evans and enjoyed a nice dinner that I didn’t have to cook. (or clean up!!)

I am very much a “traditions” person. I like to do the same thing every year and take pictures to create memories for my kids to look back on. Although our fall activities are almost over, I’m looking forward to our Christmas traditions!!

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