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snackTAXI Product Review and Giveaway


I recently tried out snackTAXI’s reusable snack bags. Part of us going greener and saving more money was to switch from plastic baggies to reusable ones. I never realized how many baggies we went through until we started buying them in bulk and still going through the bulk ones like crazy! I feel like we’re throwing away money… literally! My husband is the only one that currently packs lunches and snacks for work. As our kids are getting older, I’m wanting to prepare myself for when I have to start packing their lunches everyday. I can only imagine how many snack/sandwich bags we’d go through in a week with 2 kids and a husband packing lunches everyday. With my current calculations, that would be at least 15 sandwich bags and 30 snack bags weekly! That’s saying each person only has one sandwich (my husband usually takes 2 or 3 though) and only 2 “snacks” or sides. That’s a lot!! After doing some research, I learned that the United States alone adds about 20 million plastic bags to landfills per day!

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The snack size of the snackTAXI bags are 6″ by 4.5″ and a perfect size for some chips, pretzels, grapes, etc. Tghe exterior of the bags are 100% cotton while the interior is lined with polyurethane coated nylon. The bags are lead, phthalate, and BPA free which means you can feel comfortable about giving these to any member of your family! These bags are really easy to clean too! You can either put them in the washer and dryer or just simply rinse them and air dry them. I have only washed mine a handful of times and I prefer to just rinse and air dry them to keep the velcro in great condition longer. I’m nervous of having a long train of bags like I do with my diapers if their tabs become un-velcred to the washer tabs. Overall, I really like this bag and I hope to have a nice, large stash of these someday. Because we have a bunch of plastic baggies right now, I won’t be going out and buying “all the reusable bags!” like I would want to. But I think I’ll buy a few every once and awhile to make up my nice stash. The best part is… these are like cloth diapers in the sense of:

  • You can’t have too many!
  • They are so pretty!
  • Reusable=Helping the Earth.
  • Reusable=Saving $$$.
  • You just want to buy them all!!
  • You’ve got name brands, like snackTAXI, and WAHM brands.

If you’re interested in winning the same bag that I reviewed, enter in the rafflecopter below! 🙂 Good luck!!!

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Please Note: I received a snackTAXI snack bag for reviewing purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions in this post are truthful and my own.

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