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The Little Green Pouch Product Review

For all of my reviews and giveaways, I always get pictures of myself or my kids using the products. However, my kids weren’t very cooperative the last few days. Hey, that’s a 17 month old and an almost 3 year old for you. So let’s talk about the second brand of reusable pouches that I’ve been looking at.

little green pouch

From their website:

  • 4-pack
  • Made of durable, BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic
  • Holds up to 6 ounces, with fill lines noted on back
  • Works with dispensing spoons on the market for those babies & mamas who prefer using spoons
  • Secure press zipper opening makes filling and closing a cinch
  • Cleans easily upside down in the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Freezer safe, so great for bulk storage
  • Did we already say cute?
  • Patent Pending

The Little Green Pouch is a reusable baby food pouch similar to the pouches you find in the grocery store from popular baby food brands. This pouch, like the Yummi Pouch, has its spout on the side. Aubrey has mastered the spout on the side, where Baileigh needs a few reminders and help from time to time. Because of this, I find that I either need to hold Baileigh’s and help her or these are just better for older toddlers. I love how much food it can hold and these don’t seem to be super sized like Yummi Pouch. They are perfect for little hands. The only thing I think I had an issue with… was filling them. I’m finding that reusable pouches aren’t so easy to fill by tipping an apple sauce jar or even using a spoon to scoop them. The Little Green Pouch is cute, however, it only comes in one color- green. While this is gender neutral, I know my pretty princesses will want something a little more pink or purple as they grow.


Rating Scale for Reusable and Grocery Bought Pouches 1-5 (1 being low and 5 being high)

Ease of Use: For me, 5. Aubrey, 4. Baileigh, 3.

Price: Set of 4, $14.99 -3

Convenience: 3. It is reusable so you do have to fill it before using.

Pros: Reusable, Easy to Clean, Freezer Safe, Holds a lot -4

Cons: Spout on the side, One Color Selection -2

Overall Rating (1-5): 3.5

I am using these scales to compare and contrast the different products on the market. This one is specifically for the baby food pouches, both reusable and bought prepared. This one isn’t the best on the market, although it isn’t bad! I would still recommend this pouch to people that ask me about it!!

And now… for the giveaway! 🙂 You knew it was going to happen! I love partnering up with companies to give out a product that I think my readers will like. 🙂

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