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Dinkledooz Cloth Diaper Review

For about a month, we have been reviewing a Dinkledooz Cloth Diaper. And by we… I mean me and miss Baileigh. She is loving all these new diapers to try. (She’s totally a girl and loves trying new “clothes” on and I guess a new pretty diaper falls into that category!)

About Dinkledooz

Dinkledooz are pocket diapers that come with 2 different size microfiber inserts. They are made with an inner of a soft cotton micro-fleece and an outer layer of 1.5 mil PUL. They are a one size diaper that can fit a little 8lb baby and grow to fit a 35lb toddler.


dinkledooz2 dinkledooz3

I may or may not have said this before, but Baileigh is a super heavy wetter. We are having a super hard time when it comes to naptime and bedtime because we just can’t find the right combo to hold all her pee in. When I try out a new diaper, it first needs to meet the requirement of working for 2-3 hours of playtime before being tried for nap time. I literally have a little process when it comes to experimenting with diapers for her. Dinkledooz did, in fact, hold up well during playtime! The next challenge was 2 different nap times. When I did these naps, I made sure to use only the 2 inserts that it came with. It did great during both naps as well!! 🙂 I did not try this diaper for overnight because I was worried of leaks at night. The amount of inserts that I’ve had to use for pockets was well more than two so this particular diaper with only the two inserts certainly would not have worked out. I love how soft the inside is and how well it has washed. It feels just as soft as before the first use. I really like the shape of the diaper as well and how it didn’t seem to add too much bulk to her bum! If I had to give this diaper a rating, out of 5, I would give it 4.5 stars with no problem. They’re made very well and not too pricey. Currently you can buy them here for $15.95 per diaper or buy them in packs to save a little money. I highly recommend these diapers! 🙂 And now, for the adorable pictures of miss Bai wearing one!


dinkle1 dinkle2 dinkle3 dinkle4

***Hint: You can win one of these diapers with the giveaway later this week!***

Please Note: I received this Dinkledooz diaper for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. The opinions are my own and they are 100% honest.

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