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Ufill Reusable Pouch Review


I’m not going to lie… I was a little nervous about these ones. In my mind, I thought they were once use pouches since they had the tamper proof seals. I looked on their website and they are reusable! You can easily wash these like you would the other reusable pouches I have looked at. They are top rack dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and kid proof. I love that the spout is on the top and Baileigh appreciated that too! 🙂 She knew how to use it without any help from sissy or mommy.

ufill4 ufill3

Aubrey didn’t mind where the spout was because she was fine with the spout on the side or wherever it was. But I’m sure these were easier to hold anyways.

ufill2 ufill ufill5

These pouches are reasonably priced and they come in a ton of different sets. You can buy a 3 pack if you prefer a small amount to try or you can buy a pack of 100 if you use them regularly. I like that they come in bigger packs because you could always use them for parties for toddlers, preschools, daycares, etc. I think it would be awesome to get some unsweetened applesauce, put some in these, and have daycares use them in the infant/toddler rooms. (I used to work in an infant room at a daycare. This would have been very handy come snacktime instead of spoon feeding 5 babies applesauce!!) Just sayin… 😉

Yesterday, I saw a horrible video going around on Facebook with some bugs inside the store bought pouches. I was a little grossed out, especially since I was planning on reviewing a few of those pouches as well. I still intend to do a few reviews of those pouches, but I will wait to do that specific company until I have heard more about that situation. It did, however, make me feel like I’ve been doing a better thing with making my kids’ pouches and using the reusable ones. You just don’t know what is in the food unless you make it yourself. Its sad that we have to think that way these days. I know my parents didn’t have to worry about all the stuff that we’re finding in food now. And now for the scaling system:

Rating Scale for Reusable and Grocery Bought Pouches 1-5 (1 being low and 5 being high)

Ease of Use: For me, 5. Aubrey, 5. Baileigh, 5.

Price: Set of 6, $18.99 -4

Convenience: 3. It is reusable so you do have to fill it before using.

Pros: Reusable, Recyclable, Easy to Clean, Freezer Safe, Holds a lot -5

Cons: One Color Selection -1

Overall Rating (1-5): 4.4

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Please Note: I received a pack of Ufill Reusable Pouches for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own and 100% honest!!

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