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Aubrey’s 3rd Birthday

Friday was Aubrey’s 3rd birthday.  We spent the weekend celebrating! Friday was all bout her and getting ready for her party. We had a Cinderella themed party for her Saturday afternoon with some family and friends. 🙂 Sunday afternoon, we spent the afternoon at my parents’ house to celebrate with them! 🙂 It’s so hard for me to believe that she is 3 years old! Wow! It does not seem like she’s been a part of my life that long! It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. She was so little at only 6 lbs 14 oz. And now she’s a 30 lb little girl. She has the most beautiful brown curly hair and the brightest smile. She has such a personality that can make anyone’s day. She is my mini me with such an attitude! We went to the doctor yesterday for her 3 year old check-up and the doctor just kept saying she was perfect! Now, isn’t that what every mom wants to hear?! So proud of my beautiful girl! 🙂



This picture is from her very first birthday. She just loved her birthday cake! 🙂 Babies grow up way too fast. Remember to hold them close each and every day. After all, they will only be as young again as they are today because tomorrow, they’ll be another day older. <3

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