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Some days, you just need some cookie dough!

Yep. I went there. Really, it should read: Some mornings you just need cookie dough because wine isn’t really acceptable that early! I’m sure every mom has those days (and every person in general!). It’s been a long morning already! I had to print out a few shipping labels to get some packages out of my house. I had diaper laundry to put in the dryer. I had kids wanting to make cookies at 8 am (which we did not do although I did break off a square or 4 of the ready to bake cookie dough in the fridge to hurry up and consume) and boy have they been whiny today.

I usually have an awesome patience level. I can stay cool, calm, and collected but I have that occasional day that I just need to go back to bed and start the day over again. Yep… today was that day. Unfortunately, there’s too much to do to even take a nap during nap time. I can see a glass of wine during dinner, a bubble bath, and an early bedtime for me! Let’s hope the day gets better!!! 🙂

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