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A Big NO NO in Colder Weather!!

no coats in car seats

Just a friendly reminder: please DO NOT keep a puffy winter coat on your baby/toddler/child when putting them in a car. It is so unsafe and could cause harm if in a car crash. Obviously, we want to do whatever we can to protect the things and people that mean most to us. That’s why we always get something like a USAA quote for our cars, and why we do whatever we must to protect our children. A few good alternatives are:

  • blanket in the car
  • allow the car to warm up before bringing the baby out there
  • a lightweight sweatshirt or fleece jacket
  • strapping baby in the car and then putting the coat on backwards

As parents, we should be doing everything we can to protect our children in the car. Car crashes happen every day, and we never know if it’s going to happen to us. This is where the knowledge of a las vegas accident lawyer may come in handy, especially as it can be a lot for one person to handle. Feeling like you are alone in this is never a nice feeling, but when you have someone like a lawyer by your side, hopefully, you won’t feel like you are anymore.

So, we should be doing everything in our power to protect our children. Of course, some things are out of our power; for example, you could have a defective car seat, or someone else on the road could be negligent and crash into you. In these cases, you could seek legal counsel from auto accident lawyers, but we should be doing everything we can to ensure minimal injury to our children. In our case,
we have a special blanket in the car for the girls and they wear light, zip-up sweatshirts. We put their heavy coats on to transport them from the house to the car, the car to the store, the car to the house, etc. but they are always taken off before strapping them into their car seat. Safety first!!

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