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Proud Mommy Moment!!


My grandparents bought Aubrey a Preschool workbook (amongst many other things) for Christmas this year. Since Aubrey stays home with me, she doesn’t get much “school” time. Yesterday, I decided to try and “play” school with her and see how well she’d do during sing a long time, and sitting down for “work” time. And what she did after that, amazed me! We color… often. Crayons, pencils, pens, markers, chalk…. You name it. She’s colored with it. She’s mastered drawing “people”…. Or what kind of looks like people: a circle with eyes and a mouth, a few lines from the circle. It looks pretty good for a 3 year old drawing it, but we’ve never worked on tracing things. Anyways, we got out the preschool workbook and the first pages were of those easy mazes: get the bee from here to the flower. Super simple. But she amazed me at how well she did! We did a few of those and then they asked her to draw a line from top to bottom. Again, easy, but she had never done it before and was doing it like a pro. After that, they asked her to trace letters to spell out colors. We did Red and Orange. She did AMAZING!!!!! For a child that had never done that before, she was a pro. She would get all happy and excited and let out a big squeal every time she completed one of the letters. After we did those, I thought maybe I would write her name on a piece of computer paper and have her trace that. The picture above was our result. For a little girl that learned how to trace things THAT day… I am just so proud of her! I don’t want to say that I doubted her, because that’s totally not the right word! But I honestly didn’t think she was ready. And she proved me wrong! As soon as she woke up today, she grabbed her workbook and asked if we could play “school” and write our words. So guess what we’re about to do?? 🙂

At what age did your little one start tracing? Are they in a school type setting like daycare or in preschool?? 🙂

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