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bumGenius Obsession

It has finally hit me. I have become addicted to not only cloth diapers… but bumGenius cloth diapers! I have had a few of their Flip diapers for awhile and I really liked using them with my prefolds or a fitted diaper for nighttime. When a few of the newer limited edition prints came out, I decided to venture into bumGenius and see what all the fuss was about. I had mainly only used China Cheapie diapers up to that point so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I bought one of each diaper: 4.0, Elemental, and Freetime. I decided this would be the best thing for me to see what bumGenius was about and decide what I liked and if I’d continue buying. Oh My. Gosh.

I had no idea that this would turn into a buying frenzy. I starting stalking any and all bumGenius buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook. I was stalking Cotton Babies and my new favorite cloth diapering store, The Green Nursery. Pretty soon, I had about 2 4.0 pocket diapers, 2 Elemental diapers, a few more Flips, and 3 Freetimes. If only I had known that I would fall in love with Freetimes…. In one week (maybe two), I purchased enough used and new Freetimes to wash them every other day. I practically have an all new stash! And I can not even be sorry. I love the convenience of not having to stuff pocket diapers. It takes me 2 seconds to put them on and I know they are diapers that will last through multiple children. I’ve also noticed that bumGenius diapers hold their value better than China Cheapies. You will find that people will pay $3ppd for a used Alva but a used 4.0 diaper may sell for $14ppd. That’s only $3 under what you paid for it in both cases but you may have a lot more use out of that bumGenius diaper.

In short, I am happy that I’ve found a brand that I am happy to stand behind. Don’t get me wrong- I do love a good deal. I’m happy paying $5 for a diaper. But in that case, I’m not supporting my surrounding economy. BY buying from an American company, I’m helping pay Americans and helping them put food on their tables. That’s a reason why I like to support WAHMs when I can. I love knowing that I am actually helping someone in the states, some family that may be struggling, just by buying their product. Do I love paying $20 per diaper? Oh heck no. But I’m getting something better quality, USA made, and I’ll still be saving money in the long run since I’m not buying paper diapers.

carroll diaper

Baileigh in her Carroll diaper. Adorable!!!! šŸ™‚


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