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A Stay-at-Home Mom Cleaning Routine

I used to have a routine when it came to cleaning my house. Read that again- I used to have a routine. I want to say it lasted a month, but I’d honestly be kidding myself. Like most people, I really don’t enjoy cleaning. That’s why I much prefer getting someone to help me out when they can, particularly when it comes to window cleaning. I would much prefer getting someone like the Toronto eavestrough cleaning company to help me out with that then doing it myself. I have to be in a mood or company needs to be coming over. That’s mostly why I invest in Smart Home technology to do it for me. From anything from Smart Home coffee machines to self-cleaning mops and vacuums – I’m a big believer. Despite my shortcomings, it’s safe to say that having your own cleaning routine is the best way to feel great about your home, and I would definitely recommend having one of your own. Plus, you can make cleaning less of a chore by having a look at some hard floor vacuums from somewhere like https://www.bissell.com/steam-and-hard-floor-cleaners/wet-dry-vacuums that make vacuuming much more enjoyable.

My old routine used to look like this:
Monday: vacuum upstairs
Tuesday: vacuum downstairs
Wednesday: dust the whole house
Thursday: clean the bathrooms
Friday: deep clean the kitchen
Daily: laundry, pick up the house, dishes

I am a huge planner and I love schedules. But I’ve found that certain things I just can’t schedule. I still do my daily things at least almost daily. But everything else, gets done once a week when I have the time or I get in the mood to clean something. I’ll admit, some weeks I may not get to something… But that’s just being human. My priority is that my kids remember spending time with me. They won’t remember the dust on the end table, the ring around the toilet, or the dishes in the sink. My goal is for them to remember the books we read, the movies we watched, the pictures we colored, and the blocks we built up together.

My favorite quote (and hopefully a sign I’ll have hung up one day) is, “Excuse the mess, the children are making memories.”

So tell me, do you have your household chores on a schedule that you follow weekly? Or are you like me and just do it when you get to it?

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    February 21, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    I HATE CLEANING!! Luckily, Hubby is borderline OCD so it doesn’t really matter if I clean or not because he follows up behind me and re-cleans everything I touch. lol WIN WIN!

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      Fluff Bum Babies
      February 21, 2014 at 10:33 pm

      My husband is too! I HATE doing the dishes so if it gets too bad, I know he’ll do it one day 😉 lol

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