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SodaStream Review

As part of wanting to become more eco-friendly, I wanted to start using a SodaStream maker instead of buying cans of soda or bottles of soda. I found out that not only is it better for you to make your carbonated drinks at home, but it does reduce waste from plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Here’s my SodaStream review:


I received this red SodaStream maker and these syrups to make our pop and other drinks. What I really like about the actual machine is that there are no batteries and there are no plugs. This baby runs on it’s own! If you are unfamiliar with a SodaStream, there is a carbonated bottle that screw into the back of the machine. You then fill up the clear bottle with tap water or whatever water you’d prefer to use. You then screw on the clear bottle of water to the machine and press the button a few times until you hear a buzzing sound. Then you can release the bottle, unscrew it, and add whatever syrup you’d like! It’s super easy, affordable, and fast.


Our favorite soda was cola, root beer, and ginger ale. I also really liked their energy drink even though I haven’t had an energy drink in years! The girls love it when we make our own pop and they’re always asking us to make some!


As you can tell, they were so excited when we got it! (Maybe because they saw how excited Mommy and Daddy were too!)



So tell me, do you have a SodaStream maker? And if not, are you wanting one? I’ve wanted one for years! And we’re so happy that we’re finally getting to try one out and use it regularly. There’s another thing we can cross off our list at the grocery store! 😉

Please Note: I received this SodaStream Maker and the syrups in the pictures for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are honest and 100% my own!!

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