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Share the Love

share the love

This week, I was accepted to become a Share the Love Host for my area. Share the Love is an organization run by volunteers bringing cloth diapers to families that can not afford to buy a stash of their own. There are hosts all over the United States collecting cloth diapers and then helping to distribute to those that qualify in their area. This program relies solely on donations. If you have a few cloth diapers or cloth diaper accessories (snappis, liners, repair kits, wet bags) please consider donating them to Share the Love! 🙂 As a host, I can not handle monetary donations but you can purchase something on this list (CLICK HERE) and have it sent to help those in my community. If you would like to donate some used diapers from your stash- ones you aren’t reaching for anymore, ones that need repaired, etc.- please contact me and I can give you an address to send them to! 🙂 Thank you for helping support my local cloth diapering community and helping another mama find the love of cloth! <3






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