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5 Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom

1) Just because I stay home, it does not mean I sit on my butt all day. Do I have the days where I do nothing but watch tv? Sure. But that’s because my job is not an 8 hours a day/5 days a week job. My job could be calling my name at 2am or any other time during the night.

2) I hate cleaning just as much as anyone else. So if you come in my house and there’s a mess, remember how much you don’t like to clean. Then think about how much cleaning you’d get done with little kids running around and how well they “help” you. Messes happen. It’ll get cleaned up eventually. I have actually been thinking about getting an upholstery steam cleaner that would help me to reach even the smallest places and to pick up every last bit of dust and dirt from the furniture. This may actually feel that the time I have spent cleaning has been worthwhile. I’ll have to see how I get on, but it’s no secret that I’m starting to struggle with it now. It’s been suggested that I could use the services of a dallas house cleaning company as I’m so run off my feet with the children that it would be nice to have an extra pair of hands around.

3) Sometimes I envy my husband’s out of the home job. I long for 9 hours out of the house almost every day. But then I remember that I am supposed to be home with my kids. It’s where I am needed right now. And honestly, I think I’d be miserable without this time with my kids.

4) I have days where I just want to cry. I get overwhelmed with kids that don’t want to listen, a mess throughout the house, and then having to make 3 meals per day along with however many snacks are asked for that day. This is not a job for the weak. But it can also bring down the strong sometimes. I’d be lying if I said I have never walked away and locked myself in the bathroom to collect myself for a few minutes and then walked out with a happy smile on my face.

5) I love my kids, my husband, and my “job” in the household. Just because its difficult, just because I’m always doing something, and just because I have my bad days, does not mean I would trade it in. In my mind, this is the most important job in the world. I’m a cook, a nurse, a maid, a teacher, a babysitter, a stay-at-home mom. My days are never dull, never go as planned, and my house is never 100% clean. And to me, that’s okay!! This is my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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    April 6, 2014 at 7:24 am

    Yes x5! I love this post!!! My first year as a stay at home mom, I feel like all I did was defend my decision, now that I’ve been home for 6+ years, it’s who I am and I love it and embrace it 🙂

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