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So Over Germs!!

I’m finally back to the blog! After having a rough week last week, it feels good to be back! Our entire family caught a nasty little 24 hour stomach bug and we’re finally getting back into the grove of things. Both of the girls were super sick on Monday that even went as far as a trip to the doctor and a prescribed anti-nausea medicine. My poor girls were soooo sick! And of course, when babies are sick, they want Mommy cuddles! I whipped up some Elderberry syrup for my husband and I and we were great until Wednesday…. then the girls were better and we were sick! Luckily, my husband didn’t catch it so bad. He was able to take care of the girls and let me sleep in bed. (Wait… Did I really just say that?! YES!) Husband of the year award goes to him!! It took a few days for all of us to be completely better and get our normal appetites back but I think we’re in the clear! I had a bunch of posts planned last week but obviously didn’t get them posted. :/ so next week, be on the lookout for a giveaway!!! I’ll give a few hints to the next giveaway on Facebook so make sure you check the page!! ;)!

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