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Diaper "Stalking" Stocking Day

This is something I think most cloth diapering mamas know way too well. All week long before the stocking date, you gather up your funds. This could mean you’re selling some diapers you don’t reach for, taking money out of the savings account, or begging your husband for the credit card! It’s a crazy countdown to that day, and if publicly released, that specific time. You feel like that day is never going to come. You’re so nervous that you won’t be able to snag exactly what you want so you make a game plan. And it may look something like this:

stocking plan

You may have your husband or friend at the ready on their computer and phone too. You’ll both be refreshing and refreshing. Or, you’ll be all on your own. Double the work- Refresh, Refresh, REFRESH! Come on diapers! Stock already!! OH MY GOSH! There they are. Now you’ve gotta rush. Rush to get those that were on top priority.

  • Goodnight Moon purchased from Spray Pal– Check.
  • Rush over to Dream Diapers. Site crashed. Dangit. You think, “Everyone needs their diapers. Why can’t people just move over for a minute so I can get what I need. How greedy.” Finally you get through, get to PayPal, and checkout. But man oh man. You’re waiting for what feels like 10 minutes for that confirmation email. Whew. Ahoy, Moo Moo, and Peek a Boo- Check.
  • Rush over to Lalabye Baby. OH NO! Commence panic. 3 Blind Mice is Out of Stock! NOOOOOO! Sad day. Everyone else got one but you. You think, “I’ll be the only one without this beautiful new diaper in my stash.” But in reality, there are hundreds of other mamas feeling the exact same way. But you manage to grab the rest you wanted.

A sigh of relief. The damage to your PayPal account has been done. Fluff Mail will be arriving next week and you can not wait. You feel like it will be months before the postal worker knocks on your door with so many packages, full of your beautiful new fluff. It’s so beautiful that you could roll around in it. You may have day dreams about this moment. But then you take a step back and think, “Dang, am I crazy?!” Nope. You’re not alone. You’re just a cloth diaper addict that fell under the spell of the Cloth Diaper Stocking. 😉

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    Amy Wright
    July 11, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Lol. You just described my day. I never realized how stressful diaper shopping could be, trying to fulfill my wishlist and not pay lots of extra shipping charges at the same time. Turned out a success, but had to simultaneously stalk three sites and fill up three online carts – repeatedly, because items kept on selling out.

  • Reply
    Chelsea Rutledge
    July 11, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    This is way to true! Thank you for sharing that there are other people out there as crazy as me! : )

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