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Flourless Pancakes

This is not a cooking blog. Mainly because, I have many Pinterest fails under my belt and I’m usually just BAD at coming up with stuff on my own. My husband actually gets nervous when I try to cook something new and is really surprised when it actually turns out…. Ehhhh okay. So when I do make up something on my own, I get excited! I mean, how in the world did this come from my brain?! And how did i not burn it! Today’s surprise: Flourless Pancakes. We’re not a gluten free or paleo family. We don’t have any food allergies (knock on wood!) and no dietary restrictions. But I do like to try different things and I like to feed my kids healthy stuff!

Flourless Pancake Recipe
1 ripe banana, mashed
2 large eggs
3 tablespoons oats
Handful (or 2) of blueberries

1) Mash your banana really well. Like, mushier than if you were going to do banana bread. No chunks!
2) Add your eggs and stir it up!
3) Add your oats and blueberries. Stir again.
4) Pour into a greased skillet. I used my smallest one and made like a giant pancake.
5) Cook it all the way so it’s not gooey in the center.
6) ENJOY! 🙂


My kids really enjoyed it! I split it in half for them and then just took a few pieces off their plate for me to enjoy. It was filling and really good! We ate it without butter or syrup- just like it was! Aubrey is my picky kid, and she ate it all gone! I was surprised! But I guess that just shows how good it was to her!! 🙂

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