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Hybrid Fitteds and Binky D Diapers

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Hybrid fitteds have easily become on if my favorite types of diapers. I think it’s because there are so many options out there for prints. Binky D Diapers is a WAHM (work at home mom) business that makes hybrid fitted diapers and makes them very, very well.

So what are hybrid fitteds? Hybrid fitted diapers are made similar to a traditional fitted with a woven or knit cotton material. They have a hidden layer of poly-fleece that pushes moisture back into the diaper instead of letting it go all the way through like a traditional fitted. It’s not waterproof, but it will take moisture longer to penetrate it than a traditional fitted.

The interior of a Binky D diaper is lined with cotton velour- a heavenly soft material against your baby. Each diaper has two snap in inserts. The larger insert snaps to the back of the diaper and the smaller insert snaps to the larger insert. The larger insert is intended to be folded down to add more layers where your baby needs it most. It is made of bamboo fleece in between two layers if cotton velour. The smaller insert is made up of bamboo fleece topped with cotton velour.

What’s so great about a hybrid? It’s a very absorbent diaper and can last on it’s own without a cover for up to three hours. A traditional fitted without a cover could only last about an hour, if that! It’s also a breathable diaper. Some babies need breathability to keep them from getting diaper rashes. With air able to circulate, rashes are a thing in the past! There’s also so many options when it comes to colors and prints. The options are limitless! You want a Disney themed diaper? It’s out there. You want a Dr Who diaper? Yep. Or a Dr. Suess? What about a unicorn diaper? Or an embroidered diaper? Yep, yep and yep. I told you…. Limitless. Anything you can probably think of- there’s fabric like that! 😉

So where, when, what time?! Binky D stocks on hyena cart every Sunday at 5pm EST. Start your week off right with a new, pretty diaper! 😉 You can also find some used or new diapers on their BST group on Facebook. You can stay up to date and see sneak peaks and spoilers on their Chatter Group. There’s also a Custom Group that could get you almost any kind of diaper you could dream of! Binky D Diapers is just awesome all around with inclusive they are. You can also see sneak peaks on their Facebook page.

Why I like Binky D Diapers Sure, there are many WAHM that make hybrid fitteds. But Binky D’s diapers can not be beat. I love how they fit on Baileigh even though she’s well into toddlerhood. Their one-size diapers fit babies from 10-12 lbs to 40+ lbs, depending on the child. You’ll see newborn diapers from time to time and they will fit itty bitty babies until around 14lbs and have a snap down option for umbilical cords.

And here’s why you should love them…. Binky D Diapers has teamed up with Fluff Bum Babies to get some overstock diapers out to those that would love to try them, at a discounted price. These diapers will be a “surprise” and you need to be aware that you may not love the print you receive. You choose gender and style (turned or serged) for only $26+ shipping. There’s a limited amount- so get yours fast!!! —–> BINKY D SURPRISE DIAPER!

Please Note: I received compensation for this post and affiliate links may be included in this post. However, I love Binky D and would have written this anyways! All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest! 🙂

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