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Fall Fun with the Family

A few weekends ago, we went to our local fruit farm! We picked apples, looked all over the pumpkin patch for some pumpkins, and purchased some goodies from their market. It was a great day with family and we wouldn’t have spent it any other way! We went with my parents, my brother, my mamaw, and my aunt. Everyone enjoyed themselves! We ended up picking 20 pounds of apples and 4 pumpkins. Afterwards, we stopped in the market and bought some Amish noodles, pumpkin butter, apple cider, pure honey, and snacks for the kids. It was a really great, fall day! Here’s a few pictures that I took:




The weekend after that, we made plans to go to our local zoo. They have a Halloween event called “Boo at the Zoo” where they give out candy to the kids dressed up in costumes. They also have little events and family friendly Halloween decorations throughout the zoo. We go every year so we can get another wear out of their costumes. Plus it’s just another excuse for some fun family time! 🙂 I didn’t take as many pictures because we were busy the whole time! We arrived around 11:30 and didn’t leave until 7:30/8ish! Because we have a membership, a trip to the zoo only lasts a few hours so this was one of the longest trips we’ve made! Everyone was exhausted by the time we got into the car!!


The following week was Trick-or-Treat! Ever since I was a little girl, we always traveled 30 minutes to my mamaw and papaw’s house for trick-or-treat. She would make either beef stew or vegetable beef soup, both homemade. There’d be dessert, lots of candy, and great company surrounded by family and friends. We’ve continued the tradition as I got older and now my girls are loving it just as I always have. This year, my husband decided to casually dress as Batman and I got a Halloween sweatshirt and a witch hat. This is the first year we’ve all dressed up which made it a little more fun!


This was as far as our fall festivities went this year. Our pumpkins were bad by the time we were ready to carve them and roast the seeds. This was disappointing to me and the kids, but we’ll do it next year! 🙂 I love making seasonal traditions with my family. It makes us look forward to each season as one ends. Now, we’re to continue fall with Aubrey’s 4th birthday, Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, and my nephews birthday! And then, we’ll be starting our winter family activities! And I can’t wait!!! <3

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