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50 Reasons My Toddler Has Thrown a Fit Today

toddlerism tuesday

Toddler-ism Tuesday: 50 Reasons My Toddler Has Thrown a Fit Today

  1. She woke up with her finger out of her mouth.
  2. She had to take her diaper off and put on big girl panties.
  3. She wanted to sit on my face.
  4. Her sister handed her a banana.
  5. I put the baby gate up by the stairs.
  6. Her smoothie wasn’t pink enough.
  7. My phone rang.
  8. I wanted to use the bathroom… by myself.
  9. She wanted the pink plate instead of the red one.
  10. I said, “I love you!”
  11. She wanted Daddy.
  12. She didn’t want Daddy.
  13. The dog barked at the mailman.
  14. She watched that episode of Sesame Street yesterday. (Gees Netflix!)
  15. Her sister handed her a tissue after she sneezed.
  16. She was tired.
  17. She wasn’t tired.
  18. Her name is Baileigh.
  19. She wanted PB&J.
  20. She didn’t want to eat her PB&J in squares. Triangles, Mom!
  21. She ate all her applesauce.
  22. She wanted to color with the lined paper.
  23. There weren’t enough lines on the paper.
  24. Daddy came home.
  25. Mommy took a shower without her.
  26. She had to pee while watching a movie- Can’t miss Elsa singing Let it Go for the millionth time.
  27. She peed in her panties because she HAD to watch Elsa sing Let it Go.
  28. She didn’t want the Minnie Mouse panties.
  29. She didn’t want the 2T pink pants, she wanted the 4T pink pants. (Her sister’s size that she could drown in…)
  30. Her sister got more purple fruit snacks in her pouch than she did. (Gees Welch’s!)
  31. It was her sister’s turn to pick a movie.
  32. It was naptime.
  33. The batteries ran out. (Or did they….)
  34. The puzzle pieces fell out of the puzzle when she held it upside down.
  35. Mom said, “No,” again…
  36. She was told to stop eating her broccoli and eat her chicken.
  37. She was offered a piece of chocolate.
  38. She was asked to snuggle.
  39. Daddy gave her a kiss on her head.
  40. Sister offered her half her cookie.
  41. Her stuffed animal was left on her bed during dinner.
  42. She wanted the “Fishy” diaper. (Thanks Bumgenius!)
  43. She wanted the “Snowman: diaper. (thanks Best Bottoms!)
  44. She wanted to wear BOTH diapers to bed. At the same time.
  45. She drank all her milk.
  46. She was offered water.
  47. Her music turned off 20 minutes after she was put to bed.
  48. She fell asleep too early.
  49. Her sister woke her up. (Her sister was fast asleep when I walked in….)
  50. Mommy didn’t close the door fast enough.


WHEW. What. A. DAY! Toddlers can be super rough, especially because they can’t communicate with you entirely. Their lives are struggles but they don’t understand why. You can bet that I choose my battles. For instance, when she got a red plate and wanted the pink one, I gave her the pink one. If that’s all she wanted, then why not give it to her? Sure, it put another dish in my sink, but it made her happy. Some may say she’ll be raised to be spoiled then. I say, she’ll be raised happy. The color of something to a small child can be the world. It’s not JUST a color like it is to you and me. It’s their entire day. I’ll pick my battles to get through the day. And after bedtime, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and tell myself, “I freaking did it!”

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