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Fluff Advice Wednesday: Try Different Cloth Diapers

fluff advice wednesday

It seems like when mamas start cloth diapering, they find one brand and try to stick with it. While that sounds great, it’s not ideal. Sure, if it works for you then why change what works? The thing I’ve found most helpful in my stash is variety. I liked different cloth diapers for different circumstances. Diapers for during the day were different than what I’d put her in for naptime. Bedtime diapers were different, car ride diapers, out and about diapers… I could go on and on. It wasn’t just the style of diapers I likes to have variety in, but brands as well. If you use prefolds and covers, for example, do you only have one brand of covers? Or all-in-one users, do you only have one brand of all-in-one? Here’s my story:

My stash changed drastically throughout our cloth diapering journey. Heck, we only use one diaper per day and I still try to find new things. When I started cloth diapering, I had all Alva Baby diapers. A few months later, I added some Sunbaby into the mix. Finally, I decided to support USA based cloth diapering brands. I don’t know why… It just felt more right to me. So I sold all my “China Cheapies” for Bumgenius diapers. That was the first major change in my cloth stash. I went from having all pockets, to having a few pockets (4.0s), a few all-in-ones (freetimes), and a few covers (flips) to use with prefolds. This was just the start of variety. A little bit of time went past and I started trying Thirsties products. I tried their all-in-one diaper and their Duo cover. The all-in-one didn’t stay in my stash long because I just found others I wanted to try. I have a revolving door for diapers- they don’t all stay very long. If I find something else I want to try, I usually put one or two on the chopping block to fund the next diaper. The Duo cover, I bought a few more and still use them. Next into the mix was Moraki. They also didn’t stay very long but mostly due to fit issues I had along with absorbancy issues with Baileigh. They were a great diaper, just not the best ones for us. Then Lalabye and Sloomb entered my life. Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about love. Sloomb became our night time diapers and my “if she gets a rash” diapers. (I’d throw a fitted on her with no cover due to the breath-ability.) Lalabye became the mostly used daytime diaper for us just because they were great!

Fast forward to our one diaper per day: Lalabye Baby diapers are no longer in our stash because they couldn’t hold up for night time. Moraki has been long gone. Freetimes and 4.0s are used frequently, Flips are used frequently, I love pairing up a Sloomb fitted with a Thirsties Duo Cover, and I’ve also added in some Best Bottoms covers to use with prefolds. I’ve tried new diapers. I’ve found WAHM diapers to love. And I’ve re-tried diapers I was contemplating selling off. Diapers that weren’t working anymore suddenly work again and I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t keep the variety in my stash. I feel confident in what I’ll buy for future babies and I keep looking to see what I may try that I haven’t tried yet.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try new brands. Try new styles. If they don’t work out, then instead of feeling defeated, sell them and try something else! There is something out there for everyone!!! You never know…. You may just find the best diaper ever! 😉 Happy Cloth Diapering! 🙂

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    January 7, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    I’m one of those one style people. I started out with Freetimes and they’re almost the only thing I own. For us, they work perfectly during the day, nap, sleep. I did try buying a 4.0, but it wasn’t ideal for me.

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