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Fluff Advice Wednesday: Find Your Local Group


Finding a group on Facebook is super easy, unless there hasn’t been one started in your area yet. Or maybe there has, but it’s mainly used as a buy/sell/trade page.

About a year ago, I started my own local group and invited some of the mamas I knew that cloth diapered in my area. We started having meetings in my home or my sister in laws once a month. This was awesome because we got to not only interact with each other in person, but we could ask questions, show each other new diapers, and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s amazing having friends that parent in similar ways that I do. We have each other’s backs!

Now, why is this good advice? I strongly believe that each family has their own wash routine and there is no “one size fits all.” However, if there are water issues in your area, then chances are…. Another mom is dealing with some of the same laundry issues that you are. Heck, you might get lucky and they may have already figured out the tricks to getting pretty, clean diapers.

Just like babywearing has a sense of community with their meetings, cloth diapering has brought in an even bigger community to my life. I’ve seen more cloth diapers up close to know what I may want to purchase and try and what I may want to avoid. I’ve learned about more than cloth diapers since starting our local group and met so many awesome women!

My advice for today is: find some people. Heck, you may already know them. But join a LOCAL group, be a part of your local cloth diapering community, and support any local cloth diapering shops you may have. The internet is great at bringing people together and for online shopping. But we’re starting to lose the sense of community by joining large Facebook groups and never meeting these people in person. (And of course… It is the internet so always remain cautious in every scenario!)

Hey, you may even meet a mama that brings you a bottle of wine on a really bad day. (True story, it’s happened to me!) We all need support. So why not get it from people that are minutes or miles away? <3

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