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Mini SprayPal 2.0’s Birthday Bash- Day 5!

Chances are, if you’re in the cloth diaper community, you’ve heard of the SprayPal family. Jen and Dave Aprea are the owners and inventors of the SprayPal- the necessary tool (in my opinion) to keep the cloth diaper spraying mess free. They have two beautiful children known on social media as Mini SprayPal 1.0 and Mini SprayPal 2.0. For the past few years, SprayPal has some awesome sponsors that contribute to a birthday bash for Mini SprayPal 2.0. He was born a micro preemie and has overcome so many challenges in his life already. Because his birthday falls in the midst of cold and flu season, his parents wait until it’s clear to have a real party for him. Hence, the virtual 10 day birthday bash celebrating this little guy! 🙂 

Fluff Bum Babies is excited to co-present you with Day 5! Visit my friends (in real life!) over at Naturally Nerdy Mommas after you enter the rafflecopter below! 🙂 

Here’s what you can win on Day 5: 

  • Little Rascals Limited Edition Set
  • 2 Smart Bottoms All-in-Ones 
  • And a $50 Gift Card to Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot 

So, don’t delay! Enter the giveaway below to celebrate this little boy’s birthday. And keep checking SprayPal’s Facebook page for a new giveaway daily up until March 20th- Mini SprayPal 2.0’s THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!! 🙂 Happy 3rd Birthday, Ryan!! 

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