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A Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call

This morning was like an ordinary weekend morning. We woke up to the girls getting into our bed and baby Jackson woke up to nurse. I got up to make coffee while my husband changed the baby’s diaper. As I nursed Jackson, Roger was playing tickle fight with the girls and I soaked in the laughter of my family.

As the morning went on, my husband went to make breakfast and the girls were playing. I was alone in my room with Jackson. Just me and my son. He’s 10 weeks old and time has just flown by. You’re told time and time again that they grow up so fast but somehow, you still forget. The days seem to last forever but the weeks add up quickly. This is when I came into the realization that I can’t get enough cuddles throughout the day. Some people may say that I’m “spoiling” my baby. Food spoils. Babies don’t. I’m making memories that will last for a lifetime. I have so much regret not soaking it all in with my first two children and as Jackson may be my last- I don’t want to miss a single moment of loving him.

My children are my world. Because I’ve come into this realization- I’ve also made it a point to spend more quality time with my girls. They’re at fabulous ages- 3 and 5. They love to soak in the world and learn new things. It’s been amazing watching them grow into their roles as big sisters.

Kids grow up so fast. On my TimeHop this morning, I watched a video of my girls 3 years ago. Seeing that video while watching my kids play was a total wake-up call. Kids grow up faster than you think. They change right before your eyes. They learn new things.

My “New Year’s Resolution” is going to be to really make memories with my kids. I don’t want to look back and think, “I should have done this or that.” I want to make the most out of this year with my children. This is also just one way this blog will be changing. More memories will be documented alongside the usual reviews and cloth diaper/babywearing/breastfeeding posts.

I can’t wait to show you everything I’m planning this year! Make sure you sign up for emails when a new post is published!! <3 And Happy New Year!

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