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Ollie Swaddle Product Review 

Are you expecting a new baby? Or do you have an infant that needs to be swaddled every night for a good night’s sleep? You may want to consider purchasing the Ollie Swaddle blanket! This Swaddle is super easy!

Why should you swaddle your newborn baby? Well- there’s actually a few reasons. One of them being that it will help transition your baby from the womb to the big world that they were just introduced you. Baby was used to being tight inside your uterus, and now they have so much room to sprawl out! You’d think that would make them happy, right? Evidently not…. Another reason, as if we needed this one- it may improve the length of time your baby sleeps. A lot of times, babies wake themselves up due to movement. If they’re tightly swaddled, they can’t move around a whole lot and therefore, may sleep a little bit longer. That right there, is reason enough for me! 😉



The Ollie Swaddle is different than your usual swaddle blanket. And it’s not just the velcro that sets it apart from the competitors. It is made out of a moisture wicking fabric which is to prevent baby from getting overheated. Because of it’s high quality velcro closure, virtually any baby can fit in this blanket and it can be customized for each infant. No more purchasing one in every size! The Ollie Swaddle is super simple and would require little explanation to other caregivers.


The first month or so, we swaddled Jackson before bed every night. It made him much calmer and helped him sleep for longer time frames. With the swaddle, he would sleep for 3 or 4 hours at a time. Without it, we would be up every 1.5-2 hours. Since I was re-swaddling him in the middle of the night, I needed something simple. And because it would be done and undone multiple times a night, I needed velcro that would stay sticky!


Jackson has a fascination with his hands and it was wonderful that his hands could be in or out of the blanket. This is one of the reasons the Ollie Swaddle is “one-size” as it can still be used while transitioning out of the swaddle. As your baby grows and may not necessarily need to be swaddled, you can start putting baby in but with the top under their arms, leaving their arms out of the blanket. You would then swaddle the rest of them like usual. Eventually, you would then stop swaddling them altogether. Isn’t he adorable?!

 IMG_7159-0 IMG_7180


We’re now two and a half months into using this swaddle blanket and we use it almost every night. It would really calm him down- especially after an eventful day or if he got too overwhelmed and overstimulated. Swaddling him helped get him grounded and back to the happy baby he is! I would highly recommend that any mama-to-be grabs an easy swaddle blanket- and this one is the best! It retails for $59.00 and is more than worth it. If you’re on a tight budget and think you can live without it…. You should really try to squeeze it into the budget! I can see us using ours for a few more months, at least!

Here’s Jackson now, at 10 weeks old.

Be sure to check out the Ollie Swaddle and put it on your wish list for your baby! <3

Please Note: I received this product in order to conduct the review. No other compensation was made. My opinions are 100% my own.

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