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My Cloth Diaper Stash 

I have NEVER met a cloth diapering mama that didn’t want to show off her stash. In a lot of cloth diapering Facebook groups- there’s this thing called “Stash Shot Sunday” and some do “Stash Shot Saturday.” Literally all you’ll find is pictures of moms showing of their cloth diaper stash. And why not?! You worked hard to make that stash what it is! So, without further adieu…. here’s my cloth diaper stash.


I currently store Jackson’s diapers in his nursery, on his changing table. They’re organized by type/brand and in 5 of these 6 cubes. The top two have covers and prefolds. The third top one has extra breastfeeding supplies- at least for now. I’m working on finding another space for those so I can fit more diapers in there…. 😉




The bottom row contains:

  • All-in-Ones: SmartBottoms 3.1 and Blueberry Simplex
  • Lalabye Baby Diapers
  • Bumgenius Diapers: 4.0 Pockets and Freetimes

Here’s some pictures.



img_8099 img_8100

Currently, I have:

  • 7 Best Bottoms, 4 Flips, 2 Thirsties Duos, 2 SmartBottoms Covers
  • 3 Sloomb Fitteds: 1 HLC, 2 OBF size small
  • 4 Blueberry Simplex, 7 Smartbottoms AIO (one missing in picture)
  • 8 Lalabye Baby
  • 9 Bumgenius 4.0 Pockets, 3 Bumgenius Freetimes

I really love the size of my stash. I have more than enough to get me through a few days of diapers. I go maybe 2 or 3 days between washing and still have a good amount of clean diapers left. I feel that having a decent stash helps prevent a lot of wear and tear on the diapers. I know they’re items to be pooped in… But I don’t have the craftiness or abilities to fix elastics, replace snaps, etc. So I want my diapers to stay in the best shape as possible so I can have my favorites for the next 2 years- at least! But I constantly am changing my stash. Almost every week I sell a couple diapers and buy a couple more. Maybe one day I’ll be “stashified.” But for now- that’s a myth that I’ll never know! 😉







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