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10 things motherhood can look like… 


Motherhood is not always the most glamorous job. Heck, sometimes it’s not even fun. Here are 10 things motherhood can look like: 

  1. Tears. Lots and lots of tears. Oh and not just from the baby! There have been many times that the baby is crying and I’m just looking at him crying too! When you can’t figure out what’s wrong, it gets stressful. The job can really get to you! 
  2. Milk. Not the kind going down… The kind coming back up! Yeah- the people that call it spit-up, they don’t get it. Sometimes it’s more than “spit-up.” Sometimes it’s projectile vomit all over you. And it seems that it happens when you’re the least prepared! 
  3. Toys. Toys all over the place. Babies come with a lot of crap. There’s teething toys, baby swings, baby play mats, rattling toys, etc. SO. MUCH. STUFF. You’ll be tripping over toys for the next 12 years- at least!!! 
  4. Sleep. Well, the lack of sleep. Even once your baby sleeps through the night, it seems that you will still be waking up. Evidently your body gets used to not sleeping and decides it’s going to wake you up every couple of hours. Thanks, self. 
  5. War. Welcome to motherhood. When every other mother is judging your decision. You’re wrong if you sleep train. You’re wrong if you don’t. You’re wrong if you bottle feed. You’re wrong if you breastfeed. Heck, as if you didn’t already question every choice you made- everyone else is questioning you too! You’ll learn to ignore them though. Maybe. Or you’ll also become the judgey mom… 
  6. Pictures. You better upgrade that phone storage… You’ll be taking more pictures than you would ever imagine! You’d be surprised how many pictures you can take of your baby looking at you like you’re an idiot. 
  7. Wine. If that’s your drink of choice anyways. And especially if you have more than one child. Kids seem to take everything out of you. A glass of wine at the end of the day, can help keep you sane. Or at least it helps me and my circle of friends!! 
  8. Poop. Do you know how many conversations you can have about poop?? I bet you never thought that you would worry so much about someone else’s poop or sometimes, the lack thereof. 
  9. Worry. The amount of worrying you’ll have for your child is unbelievable! You’ll worry about every aspect of their life. You’ll worry about the food they eat (or don’t eat). You’ll worry about their sleep (or lack of). You’ll worry about their future and how their past and present will affect it.
  10. Happiness. Pure happiness. Joy. You may worry. You may need a drink at the end of the day. You may smell like spoiled milk. You may clean up more poop than you’d imagine… But throughout the day, you’ll have more moments of joy then you would ever think. Even on your worst days, you’ll love your child more than you’d ever think was possible! 

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