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The Great Debate: Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding

In the land of Mommy Wars, breastfeeding versus bottle feeding seems to be a great debate. Every mom has a “side” and finds the need to stand up for that side. Which is…. In my opinion- kind of ridiculous. 
You see, I’ve been on both sides so I can totally feel this way. I’ve been the breastfeeding mom and I’ve been the pumping mom and I’ve also been the formula feeding mom. Heck- I’ve done all three with just one kid! And do you know what the most important and consistent thing about these were? My babies were fed. They were loved, had milk in their bellies and were healthy. And that’s what mattered. 


Aubrey drinking a formula bottle.

There are pros and cons to every choice you’ll make for your baby and there will always be someone judging whichever choice you make. In the end- it’s your baby. It’s your decision. And it is whatever is best for your family. I’ve been the mom that had PPD and struggled with bonding. I’ve been the mom with supply issues. I’ve been the mom with oversupply. I’ve been the regret mom. I’ve been the mom with bleeding nipples. 

While I want to encourage others to breastfeed as long as possible, I also want to encourage mothers to make the decision for themselves and for their babies. If you’re so frustrated with breastfeeding that you feel like you can’t function as the mother you want/need to be for your baby… Then don’t breastfeed. We live in a world today where you have options. Although- I will mention that I am loving all the breastfeeding snuggles I get with Baby Jack and the minimal mess that comes with it. 😉 


Baileigh being breastfed.


Aubrey helping feed Baileigh a bottle of pumped breastmilk.


Baileigh drinking her bottle of formula.

Motherhood is hard enough as it is without people debating on how you should raise or feed your child. Remind yourself what’s important- your baby is fed, your baby is loved and your baby is healthy. <3 


Baby Jackson being breastfed.


Husband feeding Jackson a bottle of pumped breastmilk.


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