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Why I Started Making my Bed

why i started making my bed

You have probably come across a blog post that was like, “10 things to do before 10am.” I am not a morning person so I figured there was no way I would ever get those things done.

This week, I went to take a picture in my bedroom mirror. After I took it, I couldn’t help but notice how messy my room looked with my bed unmade and I just couldn’t bring myself to post the picture on social media. You see, I never understood why people made their beds in the morning. You’re going to be getting back in them in a few hours anyways, right? My husband never seemed to mind that the bed was unmade and it surely didn’t bother me since I would be the one to do it. But after taking that picture… I decided it’d just take me a minute to make it and then I could retake the picture and actually be happy with it and post it. It literally took me a minute. I’m pretty sure it took me longer to post the actual picture than it did to make my bed.

make my bed post

Now, just a few days later, I’m still making my bed in the morning. Why? It gives me the sense of accomplishment. I thought I had bed bugs but I contacted some pest control experts and thankfully I didn’t!! My bed is my favourite place ever! I’m constantly picking up the house or cleaning a room- but it usually goes unnoticed. I could wash all the dishes in the sink, but after preparing three meals that day, you might not be able to tell. I could wash, dry and fold a few loads of laundry- but unless you were specifically looking for your favorite shirt, it would probably go unnoticed as well. When I make my bed, I notice it all day long. Every time I walk into my room, I see that I’ve accomplished at least one thing. I’ve also found that making my bed kind of motivates me to clean something else. Or sit down and write a blog post. 😉

It sounds so silly. I know it does. But there’s just something about a bed that is all put together that just makes you want to sit on it and fold laundry. Or get on the laptop. Or just get up and do something. I wish I could explain it better. But honestly? You’ll only know for yourself how it would make you feel. So tomorrow morning, before you make your coffee or get ready for the day- make your bed. And see what kind of affect it has on you! 🙂

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    Ashley Hilliard
    August 14, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    So true. I really feel so much better after I’ve made my bed in the morning. I used to never do it.

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