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Evolution of a Cloth Diapering Mama

Most cloth diapering mamas go through phases. Some mamas don’t get it while others know this way too well! I call this the “Evolution” of a Cloth Diapering Mama.

Congratulations! Either someone introduced you to the love of cloth or you found it while researching how to save money with a new baby. Either way, welcome to the Fluff side!

When a mom finds cloth, she usually goes into a researching stage. How to wash, the different types, different brands, etc. There’s SO much to learn. It’s usually recommended that you get a few different diapers to try- different styles, different brands, just a nice little variety. You may even have Dream Diapers pick out your beginning stash with a Dream Stash. Then you’re hooked. Getting fluff in the mail is like no other package you can receive. It’s something totally unexplainable and only cloth diapering mamas understand. Fluff Mail is the best mail day ever. Then you prep your new diapers and get those babies on the bum. Oh my goodness. The cuteness. The fluffiness. It’s love. Now it’s time to buy, buy, and buy some more!

Now, you’re going to find out what you like and what you don’t like. You may see that you love your Lalabye Baby diapers for daytime, your wool for night, and your Bumgenius for out and about. Here comes the ever revolving stash. You’ll become a buy/sell/trade pro. Out goes this brand, in comes another. You’ll be stalking social media sites hoping, praying, and fingers crossed that you’ll get that new print! You’ll have your husband or friend on the computer while you’re on your phone and when you get word its up, it’ll be a race to the finish line. But man, the server is going to crash. There will be curse words. And then your husband or partner will look at you like you are a crazy person. All over cloth diapers. Ehhh it’s for the baby, right? At least that’s what you’re going to tell yourself, your husband, and anyone else who questions you. Just remember, you didn’t understand all the hype either until you became a cloth diapering mama. It just happens! 😉


You’ll be taking stash shots and ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing at your beautiful rainbows. You’ll have a unicorn diaper that you’ll always be searching for. And then maybe one day…. dare I say it? You’ll be “stashified!” But don’t worry! That day will not happen anytime soon! It could be 3 kids later and you won’t be stashified. Let’s just hope that when you become stashified for yourself, you introduce cloth diapers to a family member or friend and keep this cycle going. And then, you can buy cloth for someone else! It’s the perfect plan! 😉


So tell me, what stage of the cloth diapering mama life cycle are you in? I’m still in the “Buy, Sell, Love” stage and I don’t see myself being stashified anytime soon!

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