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TBT- Two DIFFERENT Potty Training Stories

Both of my girls are potty trained and they were done very differently. Potty training is something that some parents fear. It can be messy, lengthy, and difficult for both the child and the parent. Potty training multiple children is difficult too. You may think you’ve done it once, so it’ll be easier the second time around. But each child is different! Here are my two very different potty training experiences.

potty training aubrey
When Aubrey turned 2 years old, I put her in panties. I had been trying to potty train her on and off for a few weeks and she just didn’t get it. I could have sworn she was going to potty train early and I felt like to be early, she needed to be done by 2. She just wasn’t ready. We spent day time in panties with small accidents here and there for a few months. She was my fully disposable diapered baby so she wore disposables at bedtime and when we went somewhere. This half diaper/half panty life lasted about 8 months, if not longer. She was night time potty trained just a week before her third birthday. Our potty training journey lasted over a year. Oh. My. Goodness.



Baileigh had turned 2 at the end of May 2014. She had been cloth diapered for over a year. I took a very laid back approach to potty training her. She had asked to wear big girl panties a few times- wanting to be like her big sister. She would have major accidents and I honestly just did not want to continually clean pee off my floors. If she asked for panties, I’d let her put on panties. But it was entirely her choice. Once she started wearing panties all day, it was still her choice. She would ask every once and a while to wear a diaper, and instead of telling her no, we went and picked out a diaper. She’d pee in it, but then take it off and ask for panties. She was ready. One day, she stopped asking for a diaper. She only wanted to put on big girl panties. We had been potty training for a little less than a month before she was completely day time potty trained- including while we’re out and about. She still wore a cloth diaper at bedtime, but that’s it! We were down to one diaper a day. Before her third birthday, she became night time potty trained too! We ended up just starting to put her in big girl underwear, even though she would wake up wet in her diaper. Guess what- she didn’t have ANY night time accidents! How awesome was that?!? You can read more about Baileigh’s potty training HERE.

There are many things you can purchase to help with potty training. You can buy trainers, potty seats, and step stools. Some kids are just better at potty training naked. We’ve had our fair share of naked days around here to get the job done! All toddlers are different. You may have a child ready at 18 months old but you may also have a child that isn’t ready until after their third birthday. But before potty training, I highly recommend having a really good floor/carpet cleaner. Trust me! You’ll need it! 😉

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