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Why You NEED a SprayPal in Your Life!

**WARNING: This post is going to talk about poop. And a lot of it!**

Sure, you can get by cloth diapering using the old dunk and swoosh method or getting a scrapper thing. But in today’s crazy world where there aren’t enough minutes in the day, why would you want to do that?? In my family, solid baby or toddler poop is a mystical myth that happens in every other house but mine. We’re always left dealing with peanut butter mushy poop no matter the age! Gross, right? That was actually the thing that grossed me out about cloth diapering. I hate poop. In order for both my husband and myself to get on board with cloth diapers, we had to look at the less mess options. This is how a diaper sprayer came into our lives.

We looked at sprayers and we weren’t happy about the cost. They aren’t cheap, but certainly not what I’d call expensive. We ended up searching the internet and did a DIY version from supplies at our local hardware store. It was simple, affordable, and got the job done. I was so excited to not have to figure out what exactly to do with the poop. But this entered an entirely new problem. I had water EVERYWHERE! And not just any water. Oh no. It was nasty, poop splattered water. Talk about yuck! I started hating my sprayer. After all, it was supposed to make it so I wasn’t dealing with the poop as much. But in the end, I was not only spraying off a diaper but it also had to practically clean the entire bathroom afterwards!

Then the wonderful Spray Pal saved our cloth diapering journey. You can read my review on it here.


Long story short, the Spray Pal is well worth the money. It may seem like just another expense and not a necessity but it is something that I firmly believe every cloth diapering family should have. It’s like having snappis. Do you need a snappi to hold your prefold or flat together? No. But it sure does make your life easier. And that’s exactly what the Spray Pal does! Look how easy it is to deal with a poopy diaper while taking care of your baby or toddler at the same time!! 😉


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