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But First….. #MomLife 

Isn’t that quote supposed to read, “But first… Coffee.” Yeah. In a perfect world, that would be my life. I’d wake up, make some coffee and get to actually enjoy it before any other motherly duty needed to be done. Let’s all take a quick second to laugh… And cry. 

As a mom, my morning goes a little bit like this:
Wake up to the dog pacing the floor. 
Get up, let the dog out, and start the coffee. Baby starts crying. Go get the baby. Wake up the big kid so she can get ready for school. Nurse the baby. Make breakfast for the big kids. Add sugar to my coffee. Brush kids’ hair. Feed the baby. Add cream to my coffee. Frantically get socially acceptable clothes on for school drop-off. As the “leave for school” alarm is going off. Help the kids find their shoes. Put coffee into microwave. (It’s now cold. And not one sip has been taken.) Load the kids into the car. School drop-off. Get home and microwave coffee. Nurse the baby…. again. Baby naps. You finally get to drink coffee! At 10am. 

Anyone else relate?! Some days, I hate it. Some days, I’m happy that this is my life. It really just depends on what side of the bed I wake up on… Or how many times the baby wakes me up. #MomLife #RealLife #Motherhood 

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    September 10, 2016 at 2:50 am

    I feel you if I don’t get my yoga done before my 3 year old wakes up motherly duties kick in and yoga gets put off for another day.

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