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#MomLifeMonday; I’m So Tired 

So remember how I said I had a new posting schedule? Here’s day one!!! Yay!! Welcome to #MomLifeMonday. Along with my blog post, search the hashtag #MomLifeMonday and #FluffBumBabies! And share your Monday in the comments below!! 

***Oh and by the way…. Mom life Monday shows pure, real life stuff. There may be a curse word or two. There may be moments where i stop typing to cry. Or nurse the baby so then it doesn’t make sense…. Real life. Mom life. You get the picture. 😉

So today- I’m tired. Between back to school and getting into a new routine…. Life has been hectic. Throw in some family get togethers, other crazy stuff to do, add in the normal errands and house chores and you’ve got a mama that’s around the corner from crazy town. My brain is tired. My body is tired. My give-a-f***s are gone. I feel like my patience with the kids is dwindling and let’s just pretend I don’t take it out on my husband. I need a week long nap. Or maybe just one full night’s sleep- I’d settle for that too. I am strongly considering using some of the adrafinil capsules for sale in the future for some more energy during the day.

Do you see the bags under my eyes? And the forced smile. Yep. Let’s not even talk about my hair…. I can’t remember the last time I had a chance for a shower. Remember when I said this was real life? No filters. No edits. Just me and my kiddos. Why? Because life isn’t a perfect picture. I probably have boogers and slobber on my shirt. That’s just a part of this *glamorous* mom life I live. And wouldn’t you know, this could easily become one of my favorite pictures because it does show my day to day life. It shows that I’m tired. But it also shows that Baileigh doesn’t care and that she’s happy as can be just taking pictures with her mama. This picture shows Jackson staring at himself in my phone and figuring out technology. 

Coffee is basically the only thing keeping my moving these days. Adulting is hard. Motherhood is hard. Being a wife, yep…. It’s hard. Trying to keep up with everything on my plate is something I’m always working on. There will be days that my house feels spotless, homemade dinners on the table, and laundry is all caught up. But those days are few and far between. Life with three kids has proven to be an adventure- fun but challenging. 
Share with me your “I’m so tired” pictures on Instagram! Be sure to hashtag #momlifemonday and #fluffbumbabies!! 


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