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Safety Starts At Home: A Simple Guide To Creating A Child-Friendly House


As a parent of young children, you never stop worrying about their safety. Fact.

Those fears can be amplified when they aren’t by your side. Teaching them from an early age is a crucial part of their upbringing, and can prevent injuries at school and other places. However, the harsh reality is that they are far more likely to suffer an accident at home. With this in mind, building a home that keeps them safe on a 24/7 basis is essential.

You won’t prevent every bump and bruise. But the tips below can help you avoid any major threats to their safety. Now that has to be music to any parent’s ears.

Eradicate Outside Threats

It might be a relatively unlikely possibility, but the threat of break-ins should not be ignored. Taking the right precautions in this area is non-negotiable.

Your first job is to ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked. Not only does this stop unwanted guests getting in, but it also stops curious children getting out. Meanwhile, home surveillance like the Samsung security system can discourage thieves too. After all, the emotional scars of a burglary can last a lifetime, even if you wasn’t at home at that time.


In truth, it’s probably more for your benefit than anyone else. But that should only serve as another incentive to make those upgrades.

Childproofing Household Items

No parent can keep their eyes peeled at all times. Kids will play and explore. More crucially, they will be inquisitive. Therefore, it’s important that your home is designed to prevent any potential harm.

Covering table edges and other sharp objects with foam padding can prevent nasty cuts and bumps. Meanwhile, opting for carpets can cushion various trips and falls. Most importantly, it’s imperative that electrical outlets are covered from toddlers too. After all, that’s a danger where even one incident could be fatal.

Likewise, keeping medicines and other harmful consumables out of reach is key. The same can be said for knives and sharp objects. Store them high and out of sight. Or if you feel a stair gate to the kitchen is required, then go for it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Encourage Outdoor Play


Safety isn’t the only key element of parenting. You also want to see your child grow to be happy, active, and healthy. One of the best ways to combine all of those elements is with outside play. One of the most important things is to consider the area you live in, is it safe for children to be out playing? Many families these days seem to be making the most of housing developments from hunt midwest and others. These housing communities are beneficial for children as they have so many facilities for them to make use of. Some housing developments will have swimming pools and nature areas to explore, making them a perfect hit with children.

However, if you don’t live on a friendly, housing community, your children can still enjoy their time outside in the backyard. Whether it’s a trampoline or a badminton set it doesn’t matter. Kids are less likely to encounter major injuries, even if they do suffer a few more small falls. Trampolines are a big hit with children and injuries can be further prevened by safety implemented on this piece of equipment. Purchasing a sturdy trampoline with a safety net from companies like The Outdoor Play Store ensures your children can have fun while staying secure outside. Additionally, it’s a lot easier for you to keep an eye on them in one open space rather than when they’re running through different rooms. This is especially true if they have friends over.

Of course, you need to take precautions if you have water features. And you need to be particularly careful if you have a swimming pool in your backyard. There may have been many times in which you’ve heard about young children drowning in water features that have no fencing or safety precautions in place to keep them away from danger. Getting in touch with someone similar to this fence contractor in Calabasas can provide you with, and install some much needed pool fencing that can help to keep your children’s safety paramount. Similarly, you may need to cover them in sun lotion and other items. Nevertheless, added garden time can increase safety and fun while reducing tidy up time too.

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