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Keeping Mum: Secrets Of Looking Good On The School Run

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Having kids can mean anything resembling a personal morning routine goes out of the window, this is why so many mums can be seen doing the school or nursery run in hoodies or tracksuits and perhaps coming over as a little socially awkward in the playground.  However then there are the supermums.  A special breed of lady who must get up before the lark to look so groomed, together and organised.  How do they do it?  I’ve got some simple hacks to getting yourself, as well as your kids, playground ready.


Early to Bed, Early to Rise.

I know, this isn’t as simple as it sounds especially for working mums.  Even full time mums will struggle to get to bed at a decent hour.  After organising the children then reorganising the house, we need time to relax and it can be easy to end up watching TV – whilst ironing – until the very late hours.

However, a late night is going to lead you to a late morning.  So set yourself an alarm to remind you to go to bed.  Studies say that 10pm is the best time to catch quality sleep.  So aim for that if you can.

It’s really important to remember this if your kids are moving up from nursery to big school.  They are going to need you in the playground with them, boosting their confidence.  Which means you need to be feeling your best!


Preparation is Key

As with getting the children organised before bed, there are loads of things you can do to get you organised before bed.  Glam up your hair by setting it in sleep in rollers to give you volume and movement with little or no maintenance the following morning.  Keep your skin glowing with a good regime and a branded SPF like this from vitage skincare.  A natural glow in the morning isn’t always completely natural and if you are looking to save time, having a natural look you are proud of means you can ditch makeup until later on in the day.  Maybe just fill out your brows and add a lick of mascara to give you a little boost.  The rest is totally down to the quality of your creams though!


Image from Markus Spiske


Deep Breath.

Before you step out of the car take some rolling deep breaths to help relax you.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.  Increasing our oxygen intake is a great way to reduce stress levels and after the morning dash there is a good chance you’ll be feeling a little tense.  Those playground supermums make everything look effortless so step out of your car, light on your feet and with a spring in your step.  You’ll have everyone asking what your secret is!


Finally, Smile.

First thing in the morning can leave you deep in thought.  You have successfully got the children to school on time but now you are starting to think about your day ahead.  Try to leave these thoughts until you are back in your car and on your way home.  Chin up, eyes bright and show off those teeth – unless you suddenly realise you forgot to brush them!

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