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Baby Love: Tips for Preserving Your Little One’s Memories Forever

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Your new baby will grow up so fast that you will wonder where the time has gone. If you want to remember every moment of your little one’s first years in this world, you will need to take the time to preserve all of the most important memories because memory is fallible, and when you’re a new parent surviving on little sleep and lots of coffee, it can be difficult to retain those most important moments in your memory. Luckily, the process of reserving your baby’s most precious moments is simple, fun and extremely rewarding.


Fingers and Toes

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There’s nothing cuter than little baby fingers and toes; they’re so small and tiny that it breaks your heart, but all too soon, those tiny fingers and toes grow, and they’re gone forever, unless, that is, you preserve them. Taking impressions of your baby’s hands and feet is a great way to remember the early days, and you can take as many as you want.

Strike a Pose

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If you want to remember how beautiful your newborn baby looked, hire a professional photographer who is skilled in newborn and baby photography, to take a series of professional photos you will be able to look back on in years to come. It can be nice to do this periodically until your kids are old enough to object, and then you can switch to taking your own photos, which you can display around the house, or in a dedicated scrapbook commemorating the milestones in your baby’s life.

Memory Boxes

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If you are the type who likes to keep lots of mementos, invest in a few memory boxes, which you can fill with everything from your favourite baby clothes to their first tooth, newspaper clippings from the day your baby was born, precious toys and gifts, and anything else you can’t bear to part with.

Make a Quilt

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Your average baby goes through a lot of blankets and clothes in the first few years of their life. Instead of throwing these away when they are no longer needed, why not transform them into a memory quilt? This crafting activity, often referred to as Memory Stitch is really taking off, with people creating some beautiful pieces for their child to cherish forever. If you’re not the crafty type, and you have no idea how to make a quilt, there are many simple online tutorials that will show you how, or you could just hire someone else to do it for you. It’ll make a great talking point, and each square will bring back particular memories of your baby’s life whenever you look at it.

A Photo Locket

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A photo locket enables you to keep your baby close to your heart at all times. Whenever you get nostalgic for those early years, simply open up the locket to see your beautiful baby’s face staring back out at you.

Preserving those precious memories is so important, but you should not let the act of preserving your memories get in their way of making them. Spending time with your baby is the most important thing you can do, capturing the memories of this time is an added bonus.






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