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Could Your Car Be A Child Safety Hazard?

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Plenty of families take their car for an annual service, MOT, charge the battery of their dash cam from BlackBoxMyCar and help maintain the outside by running through a car wash every so often. However, while you’re doing these things you may not be aware of other hazards that could seriously hurt you and your children. Doing extensive research is critical when choosing a car seat. Looking at blogs like mommyhood101 can help you make a firm decision.

Power Windows

For some reason, car manufacturers have made cars that have power windows far more dangerous by increasing the amount of pressure the window has behind it. What you may not know is a child under three can be suffocated or killed by just 22 pounds of pressure. However, most power windows exert forces of up to 30-80 pounds, almost quadruple the amount you need to slide one up and down. Be aware that only two pounds of force is required to operate the sliding switch, so make sure there are child locks on all back windows and never let children dangle their hands, fingers or head out the window as it’s extremely dangerous. Babies and toddlers should be strapped firmly into a car seat, or a

graco contender 65 convertible car seat that restricts their ability to reach things they shouldn’t be playing with.

Speaking of Graco, there is some important information about Graco that you may want to get familiar with, especially when it related to the safety of your child in your car. It is said that nearly 4 million car seats have been recalled because of a dangerous flaw that could put children at risk. As a parent, this is something worth knowing.

Heat Stroke

The sun’s shining, the birds are singing and you think what a lovely day to pop into down and run some errands. Once you’ve made sure baby George and young Amy have got plenty of suncream on, off you all go. Later, having had a lovely shopping trip you realize you’ve forgotten something, so you tell eight-year-old Amy to keep an eye on her brother reasoning that you’ve parked in the shade and you’ll only be five minutes. It’s a story that’s been repeated so many times as a parent leaves a child in charge of their younger sibling, doesn’t unlock the car, safety first they think, and forgets to crack open a window. After all, it’s not that hot, but the temperature inside an enclosed vehicle will be drastically different to outside. It may sound like common sense, but at least thirty-seven children die from heat stroke each year from being in locked cars. Always make sure you take your kids with you no matter how quick you think you’ll be, and avoid anyone being forgotten about by putting your smartphone or handbag on the back seat. There is also another issue many people and children face, battling the sun while in a vehicle, front windshields are normally treated with an anti-ray film to decrease the exposure to the passengers, however, the side windows of vehicles aren’t treated with the same finish, this allows for sun rays to penetrate and leave the passengers skin exposed, to decrease the exposure to the suns rays while behind windows, look into products such as these QuikSnap car window shades.

Trapped In Trunk

Believe it or not, over the years lots of children have sadly passed away from being stuck in a trunk without any means of escape. Kids either jump in for fun while mom and dad are sorting out suitcases before a holiday, or are looking for an excellent place during hide and seek but the laughter quickly turns into a nightmare. You see, children aren’t strong and it’s easy to close a trunk if you don’t realise anyone’s in there or have the lid slam shut on its own. Of course, your children shouldn’t be playing in, or around your car but things happen so it’s important you make sure the latch works. Better still, install an glow in the dark trunk release catch that even the smallest kid can pull which frees them in a matter of seconds.

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