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How to Plan for Baby’s Day Out

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Okay, so one of the most relaxing things anyone can ever do is take a holiday, go on a nice vacation or short staycation. It’s a way of recuperating from the stresses of life. A chance to put your feet up and catch up on overdue Zzzzz’s. However, when you have a baby, the idea of a relaxing holiday becomes a myth as far-fetched as any classical story and mythical beast. Basically, holidaying with a baby is no easy feat. But don’t worry, don’t despair and don’t fret, because we have spoken to a few mums that travel and compiled a list of their top tips to help you through and make your break as easy and relaxing as possible.

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Pack More Than You Need

While pre-baby holiday packing was all about having one outfit for each day (maximum!), when you are packing for a baby you need to make sure you have two outfits for each day (minimum!). You don’t want there to be a series of accidents that leaves you high and dry on the clothing front. You may have been told there was a washing machine, but what they didn’t specify was that the washing machine doesn’t work. So, yeah, two outfits a day minimum.

Research The Destination

This means every aspect imaginable. Know what the weather is doing – what the highs are in the day and lows are at night – so that you can pack appropriately, such as sun hat in the day and sleep suit at night. Research whether there it is prone to insects during the warmer months so that you know what insect repellent to take. Know what the terrain is like so that you know whether to take a simple stroller or a off-road buggy or something that offers you both. This one is pretty crucial click here to learn more about what’s on offer. If it is a city break you’re going on, you are going to need something different to a camping holiday, that’s all we’re saying.

Heading On a Road Trip? Book Your Car In for a Service First

Road trips are a great way to spend time as a family. You can explore just about anywhere at your own pace by hitting the road. That being said, if you are going to be using your own car, then be sure to check that it is ready for the road. No one wants to think too much about encountering car troubles during a road trip, so it is strongly recommended that you book your car in for a service and any other essential maintenance work ahead of your journey. A friend of mine who lives in Georgia is going on a road trip next week and she recently booked her Mercedes-Benz in for a service for peace of mind. Consequently, if you are tempted to schedule a Mercedes service Roswell is home to a few Mercedes garages so do not be afraid to do some research if your car could do with a tune-up before your next trip. If on the other hand, you are hiring a car, you’ll want to make sure you’ve booked that before you leave and it’s also a good idea to find a guide on the driving rules of a foreign country. You don’t want to find yourself in any trouble! For example, if you’re heading to Iceland, you can have a look at to read an Icelandic driving guide and there are plenty of others out there, wherever your destination might be.

Have Snacks On Hand

The more snacks you have the better. If you’re going on an airplane, then prepare for delays by having lots of snacks to entertain your kid’s bad moods. Maybe turbulence will scare them or the air pressure will make them uncomfortable; their favourite snack will cure this pretty fast. If you’re going on a road trip, well, chances are they will get bored in the car and what cures boredom? That’s right, food.

Nappies Are Needed

The last thing you want to do is run out of nappies because chances are, it will happen when the worst accident you’ve ever seen occurs. So save a chunk of suitcase space or car space for a large stash of nappies. You may presume that you will be able to buy some nappies at your destination, but you know what they say about presumption.

Take Accessories

If your baby doesn’t catch much of sleep in a stroller, or if a stroller may prove a difficult choice as you decide to take a nice walk or hike, then why not pack a backpack or front carrier or even a sling. Don’t forget to take a stroller that can accommodate all of your children though as this may cause unnecessary stress. If you’re going with friends who have twins, you may want to tell them to have a look at this website ( so travelling can be made easier for everyone involved. This type of stroller will also allow families to take more car journeys as it comes with car seats too. Make sure that you take a stroller or front carrier with you that makes you and your children feel comfortable. Or you may decide purely to take a sling; that’s fine too. They don’t take up much room and could prove to be a seriously useful accessory to have at hand. Another great accessory to have is a camera. You’re going to want to capture some memories, ones that you can keep forever.

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