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What Every New Mom Should Have in Her Bag

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For busy moms on-the-go, you’re going to need to ensure you’re well equipped for any situation. A well prepared bag is a necessity. Make sure you pack these essential items before heading out the door.

Wet Wipes

Newborn babies are mucky at the best of times, so make sure you have wet wipes handy wherever you go. These multi purpose cleaning tools are not only great for diaper changing, but also getting rid of stains and spillages. They’re excellent for cleaning little hands too. Muslin squares will also do the trick. Make sure to pack a hand sanitizer too, for those times when there’s no place to wash your hands.

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Cloth Diapers

When it’s baby changing time, cloth diapers are definitely the way to go. Not only are they prettier and more cost effective, but they are also environmentally friendly. While disposable diapers take 200 years to fully decompose, cloth diapers are made from natural materials and can be used again and again. The removable linings make them really easy to wash, and you can choose from a number of designs and colors. Make sure you have a diaper pail at home. Look online for the Best diaper pails for cloth diapers and dispose your diapers in this odor preventing bin. They’re made especially for trapping unpleasant smells.

Plastic or Biodegradable Bags

It’s a good idea to have a plastic bag rolled up and ready in your bag for disposing of any used diapers and soiled clothes. Bring a few just in case and make sure a secure knot is tied, to prevent leakages and odors being released. Special baby changing bags will have separate compartments, so you don’t need to mix your trash with other items in your bag.

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Toys and Comforts

To keep your baby from tantrums and tears, you’re going to need a few distractive toys on hand for any temper outbursts. A pacifier is perfect for keeping your little one entertained, plus it’s small and soundless and isn’t disruptive in a public place.

Changing Mat

Some baby changing bags come complete with a changing mat. If yours doesn’t there are many styles of mat that are light, padded and easy to roll up to pack in your bag. Some public baby changing rooms also have them, but it’s definitely more hygienic to have your own.

A Spare Change of Clothing

Just in case of accidents and mini emergencies, it’s very helpful to have some spare clothing with you. Babies can be very unpredictable and if any leaks or spillages occur, you don’t want them to be uncomfortable in wet or dirty clothes for hours.

Baby Bottle

It’s important to have your baby’s milk prepared before you leave the house. Even if you’re breastfeeding, a bottle might be more practical at times when you’re out in public and baby is hungry. You’re going to want to bring along a bib as well, as babies are notoriously messy eaters! You might also need a bottle of water to mix with dry formula food.

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