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Healthy Diapering 101

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So, I bet you’ve heard a lot about how good cloth diapering is for your wallet, and the environment. Stuff like how it’s the best thing in the world that loads of diapers aren’t ending up in a landfill. But while the environmental and financial impacts using cloth nappies is important, so is there effect on your baby. That is why you should read the guide below to make sure you are diapering in the most healthy way.


Baby’s Skin

One problem that parents can come across in term of babies skin is if they live in hard water areas. Hard water is very high in mineral content and can easily irritate delicate skin like babies. That is why it can be useful to use a water softener to ensure this doesn’t happen. Look at sites like WaterSoftenerGuide.com for some more information on which will be the right one for your family.



It is also important to ensure that the diaper that you use are suitable for your baby’s skin. Diapers can be made from different materials, and not all will suit every child. Remember a baby’s skin is usually fairly delicate and sensitive, so you really will want to make sure you pick the right one.


If your baby doesn’t get on with the usual cotton variety, it might be more useful to use bamboo or hemp varieties instead. You can find out more about this at http://thehumbledhomemaker.com, where they describe all the different types.

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Of course, one of the key concerns when using cloth diapers is making sure that baby and everything else stays clean! You may want to consider getting a baby nappy backpack to ensure you have all the cleanliness products that you need with you at all times. This isn’t always easy, but with a little practice, it is possible.


Something that can help you do this is a spray pal. Which can be used to spray off any excess waste from the nappy easily down the loo, before it is put in the wash. As you definitely don’t want that going around and around in your spin cycle, or sitting in a corner waiting to be washed!



Following on from cleanliness, hygiene is another important factor when using cloth diaper in a healthy way. Most have disposable inserts to catch waste which allow the worst of it to be thrown away.


It is also important to consider how you will clean Baby when they have been to the toilet. As some moms prefer to steer clear of baby wipes as well because they are not biodegradable. If this is the case for you, make sure that you have something else in place like a wet wash cloth instead, so as not to compromise Baby’s hygiene in these areas.

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Of course, no used nappy is going to smell great, but at least with a disposable one, you can throw them away and get them out of the house as soon as possible. With cloth ones that just isn’t an option. Instead, you can use a charcoal insert which will help to capture smells and stop them leaking too much while Baby is wearing the nappy.



It is also useful to make sure that you are washing your diapers on a high enough setting to kill all the bad bacteria. This should also deal with the ammonia smell that can be a common issue with cloth diapers.


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