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Bonding With Your Baby

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Ah, those first few weeks with your new baby. On paper, you expect them to be blissful and like something out of all the parenting magazines you have read – you in that post-pregnancy glow, and your baby happy and giggling all the time. The reality, however, is usually quite different. You’ll most likely be sleep deprived, and it seems as though your baby us crying 24/7. Not exactly what the media makes motherhood out to be like! But these early days of your new baby’s life are some of the most critical, not only for his or her development but you as a parent. This is the time where you establish early bonding, although how long it takes to bond with your child differs from person to person. For some new parents, it happens within seconds of the birth – for others, it takes a little longer, so don’t pressure yourself if the overwhelming attachment hasn’t come yet for you. There are plenty of things you can do to help you bond with your baby: here are just a few you may want to try.

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Feeding them

We all know that breastfeeding is championed as a way to bond with your baby naturally. But if you can’t nurse or choose not to, don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you are unable to bond with your child. Use a special milk formula such as Aptamil Proexpert HA Pre, and settle down somewhere comfortable to bottle feed your baby. Encourage skin to skin contact if you can, and rid the room of any other distractions, such as the television. Maintaining eye contact and speaking to your newborn while bottle-feeding them is also a great way to help release those bonding hormones.

Carry him close to you

Many new parents opt straight for a stroller for their baby, due to their functionality and ease of use. For long journeys, they can be incredibly useful, and every new parent should own some stroller. But don’t feel the need to take your stroller out with you everywhere you go. Sometimes, if you’re only making a short journey, you will be able to carry your baby in a baby sling. Having your baby close to you is a great way for the two of you to bond, and the baby sling market has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years.


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Engage in regular playtime

When you’re feeling exhausted from yet another sleepless night, it can sometimes feel like it’s all you can do not to forget to feed and clothe both you and your child. It is also very important, however, to try and designate some time every day to play with your child. Even in these early stages, playtime is instrumental to your child’s development, and by interacting with them, it is also a chance for you to feel closer to them. After all, nothing is more precious than when you see that first ever smile.

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