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The Curse Of Busy Families

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Thanks to long working hours and kids’ schedules, spending time together as a family is a heck of a lot more difficult today than it ever was in the past. Moms and dads have to fit everything in – including work dinners and afterschool clubs – and sometimes it can be difficult.

Excuses for not spending quality time together are easy to make, which is why so many parents aren’t spending enough time with their kids. But for kids to grow up feeling supported by their parents, family time is essential. Here is some stuff to do together as a family.


Get Outdoors

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Now that spring is finally upon us, the time has come to leave the iPads and the games consoles behind and get out in the real world, exploring what it has to offer. You and your family could go hiking in the forests, or you could go biking around the lakes in your local, national park. You could also take a trip to the beach, build sandcastles and chow down on coastal food.

Bring Out The Board Games

Board games like Monopoly and Kerplunk have been bringing families together for decades. But board games are also a great opportunity for you to teach your kids something new and challenge their intellect. Games like chess and Go are particularly effective when it comes to building their logic and planning skills and are fun to master.


You can also engage in more active games, like creating a play or having a sing-along. Getting your children to practice storytelling helps them to have fun while developing their verbals skills.

Learn Something New

Learning something new is a great way for you and your families to expand your horizons together. There are all sorts of fun family activities where you can try something out for the first time. For instance, why not take the whole family to their first trampolining lesson and experience the thrills of bouncing ten feet in the air? An instructor will take you through the basics and make sure that you and your kids jump safely. If you want to learn more about the health benefits before visiting, check out https://www.sportzbits.com/blog/trampolining-health-benefits/.

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There are other clubs you and your family could join en masse. Swimming clubs, tennis clubs, and even golf clubs all welcome families.

If you’re a musical family, you could all get together and practice in classes or in an orchestra.

Get Sucked Into A TV Series

When the TV series Lost first came to our screens back in 2005, it created waves. It was one of the most gripping dramas of its era and went on for nearly a dozen seasons. Since then, many other dramas have been created on a similar model, captivating audiences all over the world. Find an age-appropriate drama for the whole family to enjoy and get everyone to sit down and watch the show. Try to find something that is mentally stimulating that will generate conversation and back and forth between different family members.

You could also take the educational route, buying documentary series like Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth, or David Starkey’s Monarchy.

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