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It’s Time to Free Yourself

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There is a big difference between saying that you need to change your lifestyle to enjoy a happier and healthier life, and being able to do it. Often, you will find that you are being held back, almost stuck into your old lifestyle. Then it’s time to free yourself to regain control of your life and destiny. The path to achieving your goals might be obscured by an unhealthy body, a negative mindset or simply unrealistic goals. But how do you tackle the obstacles when they are more subtle psychological threats to your happiness? Have a look at three common emotional barriers that can stop you from becoming a better person, namely addictions, difficult relationships and your worst enemy, yourself. Here is the key to your freedom!

Be free

Free Yourself From Unhealthy Addictions

Addictions are the result of a debilitating rewiring of your brain, which places unhealthy behavior as a priority in your life. This happens because you have created new habits that you have found rewarding in a way, and therefore your brain has been used to perceive the fulfilment of these habits as an existential priority. Thankfully, there are ways to free yourself from your addictions, whether they are related to drugs or social media. Opiate addicts can turn to an ultra rapid detox treatment to minimize the physical pain of withdrawal and help the brain starts a recovery journey. If your addiction is of a more digital nature, you will find a few rules and apps to help you start a social media detox by limiting your time online and disabling any social media alert on your phone.

Fight social media addiction

Free Yourself From Draining Relationships

Have you ever considered that the quality of your relationships could have a positive or negative impact on your health? This is even truer in an office environment where you can choose your colleagues and sometimes suffer from sitting next to energy-draining personalities. You need to find effective coping mechanisms to protect yourself from their destructive effects. For example, if you are working with a narcissist, you need to keep your expectations realistic as this personality type is keen to crave admiration at your expense. Similarly being paired with a whining type of personality will impact on your productivity if you don’t make it clear that you can’t talk for long and need to go back to work. It’s about affirming yourself and your goals against the objectives of more invasive individuals. It may take a bit of time to get used to it, but you will feel a lot freer with your day and your mind once you’ve managed to turn down the negative colleagues.

Don’t let negative office relationships drain your energy

Free Yourself From Yourself

Finally, your worst enemy is yourself and the negative perception that you have of yourself. It’s common for people to be self-critical, however, while it is healthy not to be too optimistic about your abilities and talents, constantly putting yourself down is not a helpful approach. Indeed, there is a big gap between constructive self-criticism, which helps you to improve yourself, and a more destructive approach which can lead to depression, anxiety and eating disorders. You need to break the cycle with self-compassion before it destroys you. People who have grown up with self-criticism tend to fear rejection and critics more than others, as a result, a negative comment can have dramatic effects on their psyche.

Stop self-criticism before it stops you

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