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Banish The Monsters & Ghoolish Hazards From Your Home

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We all know that little ones worry about the monsters hiding under the bed and in the wardrobe. Parents take comfort in knowing that these dangers only exist in their kids’ imagination.


However, they should also know that there could be some very real monsters that could be present in the home in the form of safety hazards. It’s not the bumps and creaks that keep parents up through the night. It’s the worry that their home isn’t safe. If you’re kept up at night by this fear, here are some of the safety issues that you might want to take into consideration. Don’t worry, I’m going to provide the solutions too!



Second-Hand Toys

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There are plenty of parents who will gladly accept hand me down items and toys for their kids, perhaps from older relatives. There are just a few dangers you need to be aware of here, before you bring them into your home and let your little ones use them.

First, be aware that older products might not have the same safety standards as the ones on the market today. As such, older toys might be made up of dangerous chemicals or even paints that could be toxic. Don’t forget, even charities often reject second hand joys and you can read more about that on www.dailymail.com.

As well as this, you need to watch out for loose or missing parts on toys. Children can swallow these and they can become choking hazards.


Damp And Dirty

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You have to keep the home clean and tidy when you have children. You should be particularly cautious of letting mold develop around the windows. While this might not seem like a major problem, the spores mold releases can be dangerous for young children.

Not to mention the fact that mold and damp walls can also attract insects like termites into your home. While these little beasties aren’t poisonous, they can cause dust particle in the air that can affect breathing and even cause asthma in kids. You can read more about this on a site such as www.termitecontrolplans.com. Here you’ll also find some of the signs that you are dealing with this type of infestation and what you can do to prevent any further issues.


Dishwasher Dangers

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We bet your dishwasher isn’t on the list of the monstrous dangers that you think are a threat to your child, but perhaps it should be. The problem with dishwashers is that they don’t always clean thoroughly. Or rather, they clean a little too well because the soapy detergent is left over as residue. You need to be careful of this because it can be poisonous for kids. Check out more info on this at www.helphealthhappen.com.

Make sure you rinse any cutlery or plates you’re using before using them with your child. Or, check them thoroughly before putting them away out of the dishwasher.


Where’s The Baby?

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Thank goodness for technology. Parents often have irrational fears about their kids. For instance, every so often through the day, you might panic wondering where your child is. Even though, you know they are in another room playing or perhaps in bed taking a nap.

Well, with the child trackers this fear is gone for good. Instead, you can make sure you know exactly where your kid is even if they are out playing in the garden. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it also ensures that older children don’t stray too far from the house.

Using this advice, you can vanquish some of the greatest dangers to your kids from the home for good.


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