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Week 24 Pregnancy Update

I am halfway into the second trimester and it feels like this pregnancy is going crazy fast! Because things change so quickly ass this point, I’m going to try and post these little updates every week/every 2 weeks. I have a *few* saved from before we actually announced so that will be thrown onto the blog at some point for a look into the early pregnancy. 😉


At 24 weeks pregnant, here’s how I’m feeling: tired. It’s officially summer vacation for the “big kids” and that means we’re on the go pretty often. I’m trying to do our fun stuff in the mornings so we’re home by nap time for the little guy and that works so well because then I can squeeze in a nap too. 😉

How far along?: 24 weeks

Total weight gain: 25 lbs

Baby is as big as: an eggplant

One product I cannot live without this week: Dr. Brown’s Pregnancy Pillow. Seriously though- it’s a necessity to get a good night’s rest. Between my lower back hurting and my hips, I neeeeeed support. This pillow provides just that!

One food I’m craving: Pizza, all the time. I could eat pizza everyday and I wouldn’t be tired of it.

Symptoms: Headaches; I haven’t decided if this is from the cottonwood junk that makes it look like it’s snowing in June or if it’s pregnancy related. I’m thinking a mixture of both. Nausea: Still have it. I’m one of those lucky ones that have nausea and morning sickness basically the whole time. Unisom and B6 are my BFFs right now and quite honestly, I’m afraid to not take them at night in fear of being sick the next day. So, I still take them.

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are pretty regular, at least a couple per day. I’m also already drinking my Red Raspberry Tea to start labor prep- can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about labor prep already!

Baby Prep: Not much as far as baby prep this week; of course I purchased a cloth diaper or two but they weren’t really needed. The cloth diaper stash is pretty awesome already!




And here are the latest belly bump pics:


If you’re pregnant, how are you feeling? Questions? Comment in the comment section below! 

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